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  • [2008-03-03] Staff_Council_recommendations_08-09 

    Staff Council
    Staff Council's presentation of recommendations for the 08-09 budget. Given at the Budget Summit on February 29th 2008.
  • [2008-03-31] Strategic_Framework_2008 

    Office of the President
    This document includes updated statements of UNM's mission, vision, core values, institution-wide strategies and priorities, along with the Regents' Goals for the President.
  • [2013-04-15] Strawman Group Report, Higher Education Funding Task Force 

    NM Strawman Working Group
    As part of the Higher Education Department's (HED's) effort to develop a funding formula that incorporates educational outputs and outcomes, the leaders and staff of New Mexico public postsecondary institutions and of ...
  • [2008-03-03] Summit_Agenda_08-09 

    Office of the President
    Agenda for the 08-09 budget summit on February 29th, 2008.
  • [2012-06-27] Thomas Lafayette Popejoy 

    Davis, William E.
  • [2012-06-27] Tom Farer 

    Davis, William E.
  • [2013-04-16] University of New Mexico President's Work Plan for FY10 

    Office of the President; Board of Regents; Schmidly, David
    Goal #1 - Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan Review and refine the mission, vision, and strategic plan for the University of New Mexico. Carried Over from FY09 Work Plan: • Implement the UNM Facility Master Plan, ...
  • [2013-04-16] University of New Mexico President's Work Plan for FY11 

    Schmidly, David
    Develop and implement an inclusive process (using best practices of shared governance) to strategically assess UNM’s programs, campus-wide. This endeavor shall include the following: o Determination of key performance ...
  • [2008-02-15] University_Identity_Standards 

    University Communication and Marketing
    Guidelines for standardization of University logos on websites, stationary, envelopes, business cards, invitation, etc.
  • [2013-04-16] UNM in the 21st Century: A New President's Vision 

    Schmidly, David
    Based on my early introductions, review of the current strategic plan, initial transition, and meetings with a variety of University constituents, I wish to share with you some thoughts on where the University of New ...
  • [2013-04-15] UNM President Speaks Candidly About Budget Outlook 

    Schmidly, David
    We were hoping to release information about UNM’s 2010 budget today, but since the legislative session doesn’t conclude until tomorrow and we’ve just received final appropriation allocations, it will be Monday or Tuesday ...
  • [2013-04-17] UNM Responds to Today's Economic Challenges 

    Schmidly, David
    As we all know, we face a global economic crisis, one with consequences we will not be able to escape. I don’t think anyone knows how serious this is going to get, or how much it will impact us directly at the University ...
  • [2011-03-08] UNM Today, 2004-2010 

    University Communication and Marketing
  • [2013-04-03] UNM Travel Analysis, 2007-2011 

    Cullen, Andrew; UNM Department of Planning, Budget & Analysis
    The analysis of I&G and Non-I&G expenditures shows a clear decrease in spending from a peak in FY09 and FY08 respectively. The decrease in spending of I&G funds corresponds with the state budget reductions and overall ...
  • [2013-02-08] UNM's Research Mission - Untapped Potential 

    Frank, Robert G.
    Over the last six weeks I have had the opportunity to meet with many community and UNM leaders. These discussions have helped me better understand the challenges and opportunities UNM faces. They have also emphasized the ...
  • [2013-04-16] UNM's Response to LFC Report 

    Office of the President
    The University of New Mexico would like to begin by thanking the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) for the extraordinary time, talent, and thoughtfulness invested in researching and developing its Phase I report on ...
  • [2012-06-27] William Eugene Davis 

    Davis, William E.