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"The chance to be president at a university with as much potential as UNM is the most exciting opportunity I can imagine."

Robert G. Frank


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  • [2013-05-09] President's Weekly Perspective, 5/6/2013 

    Frank, Robert
    This week marks the last of the spring semester. For many of our students, the time has come to finish a thesis, a project or a paper, take that last exam, and perhaps do a final nostalgic stroll around the Duck Pond. For ...
  • [2013-04-29] President's Weekly Perspective, 4/29/2013 

    Frank, Robert
    National and global trends in higher education have demonstrated that academic programs and institutions such as UNM must be transformed to serve the changing educational needs of a knowledge economy. We must embrace new ...
  • [2013-04-23] President's Weekly Perspective, 4/22/2013 

    Frank, Robert
    For countless members of the UNM community, the spirit of giving is evident through single acts of compassion and bravery to community service projects and fulfilling career choices that advance both personal well-being ...
  • [2013-04-19] President's Weekly Perspective, 4/15/2013 

    Frank, Robert
    This has been a pivotal year in how the University of New Mexico approaches its finances. We have had to address mounting fiscal pressures and find a structure flexible enough to meet economic realities, while remaining ...
  • [2013-04-19] President's Weekly Perspective, 4/8/2013 

    Frank, Robert
    We talk a lot about student success, as we all share a commitment to creating an environment where every student can and will succeed. We cannot afford to treat student success as just a component of a strategic plan – ...
  • [2013-04-17] Higher Education in New Mexico - Phase 1 Report: President Schmidly's Remarks 

    Schmidly, David
    I speak for the entire UNM team when I tell you that, from our perspective, the report is excellent. As we say in our formal response, we believe that if most of the recommendations in the Report were implemented, we ...
  • [2013-04-17] Letter to (Un)Occupy Albuquerque 

    Schmidly, David
    When I first addressed the University community in October of 2007, I noted that "a great University should never be a quiet and peaceful place." Rather, I believe that it should "be alive with the vigorous exchange of ...
  • [2013-04-17] UNM Responds to Today's Economic Challenges 

    Schmidly, David
    As we all know, we face a global economic crisis, one with consequences we will not be able to escape. I don’t think anyone knows how serious this is going to get, or how much it will impact us directly at the University ...
  • [2013-04-16] University of New Mexico President's Work Plan for FY10 

    Office of the President; Board of Regents; Schmidly, David
    Goal #1 - Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan Review and refine the mission, vision, and strategic plan for the University of New Mexico. Carried Over from FY09 Work Plan: • Implement the UNM Facility Master Plan, ...
  • [2013-04-16] Educating Tomorrow's Workforce: New Mexico's Higher Education Funding Formula for Fiscal Year 2013 

    Garcia, Jose
    The effort by the Higher Education Department this year to make fundamental changes to New Mexico's higher education funding formula has been both a monumental challenge and an historic opportunity. For years taxpayers ...
  • [2013-04-16] African American/Black Climate Review Report 

    Hernandez, Daniel; Mitchell, Wanda
    In February of this year, I commissioned a study of our campus climate to assess the issues and concerns of the University of New Mexico’s African American/Black faculty, staff, students, and community members. The ...
  • [2013-04-16] UNM's Response to LFC Report 

    Office of the President
    The University of New Mexico would like to begin by thanking the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) for the extraordinary time, talent, and thoughtfulness invested in researching and developing its Phase I report on ...
  • [2013-04-16] UNM in the 21st Century: A New President's Vision 

    Schmidly, David
    Based on my early introductions, review of the current strategic plan, initial transition, and meetings with a variety of University constituents, I wish to share with you some thoughts on where the University of New ...
  • [2013-04-16] Proposed Higher Education Funding Formula 

    Strawman Group to Higher Education Funding Task Force
    Objectives for New Formula: •Transition to I&G funding based on outputs and outcomes • Recognize enrollment growth and state priorities of: - Increasing the number of degrees and certificates awarded, - Meeting ...
  • [2013-04-16] University of New Mexico President's Work Plan for FY11 

    Schmidly, David
    Develop and implement an inclusive process (using best practices of shared governance) to strategically assess UNM’s programs, campus-wide. This endeavor shall include the following: o Determination of key performance ...
  • [2013-04-16] FY09 Regent's Goals, Key Indicators, & Milestone Activities for the President 

    Board of Regents
    Goal 1: Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan Carry Over from FY08: • Revise the UNM Facility Master Plan (Main Campus, HSC, Athletics, and Rio Rancho) and ensure they are coordinated and integrated. • Complete an update ...
  • [2013-04-16] Preamble to the Regent's Goals for the President of the University of New Mexico 

    Board of Regents
    The following document sets forth the goals that the UNM Board of Regents has articulated for the President of the University of New Mexico. The Regents recognize that these goals are very ambitious. The work required to ...
  • [2013-04-16] Recommendations for Process Improvement/Cost Containment Strategies for FY13 and Beyond 

    President's Strategic Advisory Team
    The President’s Strategic Advisory Team (PSAT) was initially established by President David Schmidly in February of 2010. At the time, the University of New Mexico was in the midst of a funding crisis driven by the economic ...
  • [2013-04-15] President Schmidly's Administrative Report 

    Schmidly, David
    Today I am delivering to you my final report on the status of the goals you established for the last year of my presidency. As I do so, I will also point out some considerations that I ...

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