UNM Law School is pleased to announce the winners of the 2005-2006 Student Writing Competitions. Thirty-eight entries were judged by 22 lawyers. The three winning papers have a money prize. Timothy Atler won the Helen S. Carter Prize for his paper, "Tolerated Terror." Margaret Romero's paper, "Killing with Kindness," was awarded the Don G. McCormick Prize. S. Meredith Morris won the Raymond W. Schowers Prize for "On Miranda and Misinterpretation." In addition to these three prize winners, Brandt Milstein, Ocean Tama Y Sweet, Richard Cravens, Carlos Ruiz de la Torre and David Meilleur were awarded Thesis Honors for their papers. For the first time this year, UNM Law graduate Chris Lee, of the Rodey Law Firm, coordinated the judging of the papers. In addition to fellow lawyers at Rodey, attorneys from the Modrall and the Sutin firms reviewed the papers and selected the winners. This year's judges were Kim Bell, Sandi Beerle, Susan Bisong, Jason Bousliman, Suzanne Wood Bruckner, Sue Chappell, Jeff Croasdell, William (Dooley) Gilchrist, Helen Hecht, Chris Holland, Wade Jackson, Andrew Knight, Chris Lee, David Lee, Joan Marsan, Victor Montoya, Brian Nichols, Todd Rinner, Andrea Robeda, Amanda Sanchez, Travis Steele, and Chris Wolpert.

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