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  • [2016-10-03] A Kidney Biopsy Simulation Program for Nephrology Fellows 

    Roumelioti, Maria-Eleni; Ng, Yue-Harn
    A proposed curriculum development plan providing an educational and instruction tool for Nephrology fellows. During the two-year fellowship program Nephrology fellows will perform real-time ultrasound-guided kidney biopsies ...
  • [2016-03-09] Core Competencies Addressed in Grand Rounds of Academic Departments 

    Maenchen, Molly E.; Rodriguez, Elizabeth S.; Skipper, Betty J.; Rayburn, William F.
    Background: The Accreditation Councils of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) require that educational activities support professional development of health professionals. Core ...
  • [2015-12-10] Applying Kotter’s 8-Step Process to Sustain A Mandatory IPE Curriculum 

    Dominguez-Salazar, Krista; VanLeit, Betsy
    Today it is more important than ever that academic institutions dedicate themselves to changing the existing educational infrastructure to embed a mandatory IPE program. The dedication put forth to sustain a mandatory IPE ...
  • [2015-11-23] Development of a High Value Care Curriculum for Internal Medicine Sub-Interns 

    Lacy, Mary; Noronha, Leonard; Barrett, Eileen
    Medical students report inadequate teaching in managed care, medical economics, and High Value Care (HVC). HVC is defined as providing quality patient care while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs to the healthcare ...
  • [2015-11-16] Sharing Educational Knowledge 

    Morley, Sarah Knox; Hendrix, Ingrid C; Nash, Jacob L
    Described are two e-portals offering a venue for disseminating digital materials. This poster outlines strengths and weaknesses of each resource and provides information on copyright licensing for protecting your educational ...

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