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    Battered Women; Community Health Services; Crime; Crime Victims; Criminal Law; Domestic Violence; Government Services; Health Resources; Preventative Health Services; Prisons; Regional Medical Programs; Rural Population; Substance-Related Disorders/Prevention and Control; Violence [1]
    Behavior, Addictive; Data Collection; Data Interpretation, Statistical; Delivery of Health Care; Efficiency, Organizational; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Medical Records; Program Evaluation; Substance Abuse Treatment Centers; Treatment Outcome [1]
    benefits [1]
    Best Practices [1]
    Bibliographic Databases [2]
    Biomedical Informatics [6]
    Biomedical informatics [1]
    biomedical informatics [3]
    biomedical informatics, clinical databases, MRSA [1]
    biomedical literature [1]
    BioMISS [1]
    Biospecimen Repository [1]
    biospecimen respository [1]
    Birth Certificate; Data Interpretation, Statistical; Death Certificate; Infant Mortality/Statistical & Numerical Data [1]
    Birth Weight; Cause of Death; Data Collection; Gestational Age; Infant Mortality; Infant Welfare; Maternal Age; Prenatal Care; Survival Analysis; Vital Statistics [1]
    Blackfeet [1]
    Blacks/Statistics & numerical data; Eskimos/Statistics & Numerical Data; Hispanic Americans/Statistics & Numerical Data; Indians, North American/Statistics & numerical data; Minority Groups/Statistics & Numerical Data; Smoking/Epidemiology [1]
    blogs [1]
    Blood Glucose; Comorbidity; Data Collection; Data Interpretation, Statistical; Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin-Dependent; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Hospitalization; Multivariate Analysis; Pilot Projects [1]
    BMI [2]