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  • [2006-03-11] Protecting Cloud Forest Biodiversity in Western Ecuador 

    Becker, Dusti
    This PowerPoint presentation describes research conducted by Dr. Dusti Becker in Ecuador. People at Loma Alta, Ecuador, own one of the last pristine patches of cloud forest in the Colonche Hills, but the forest was likely ...
  • [2006-03-11] Appendix 1. Becker & Agreda - Bird Assemblages in Garua Forests 

    Becker, C. Dustin; Agreda, Ana
    Appendix 1. Bird species mist-netted and observed in mature and second growth garua forest on Cerro San Sebastian, Machalilla National Park, Ecuador.
  • [2007-05-12] Changing Woman and Yeshe Tsogyel: A comparison of Women’s Roles in Din4 and Tibetan Tantra Buddhist Traditions 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    The solace of finding mother provides comfort in most Buddhist societies. The Din4 follow the mother in proximity of all life. This abstract considers parallel significance for two mothers of tradition, who lead their ...
  • [2007-05-12] The Sun 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    In today’s society, most people do not routinely think of the cooking power of the sun. Oh, on a hot summer day one may joke about cooking an egg on the sidewalk. However, the reusable resource of the sun is often ...
  • [2007-09-28] Presentation: Solar Cooking for Health 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    This presentation gives basic information on solar cooking, advantages and disadvantages
  • [2007-10-04] Minority Student Success in Nursing Education 

    Campbell, Marjorie
    All minority populations are underrepresented in nursing when compared to the general population. Minority and nontraditional nursing students have lower retention and persistence rates as, well as lower NCLEX-RN® pass ...
  • [2007-11-02] 2004 UNM-G Solar Cooking Demonstrations 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    Initial Demonstration on Solar Cooking at Ojo Caliente, Zuni Reservation and the University of New Mexico - Gallup. June 2004.
  • [2007-11-02] 2004 Ojo Experience 2 Followup 

    Martinez-Welles, jean
    Follow up demonstration and Solar Pot-Luck with Ojo Participants
  • [2007-11-02] 2007 Solar Oven Demonstration at NMSEA 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    Solar Demonstration for the New Mexico Solar Energy Association Sept 15/16, 2007
  • [2007-11-09] 2005 Tucson Solar Cooking Potluck 

    Martinez-Welles, Jean
    Solar Cooking is useful in reducing the need for non-renewable fuels. These pictures offer a variety of solar cookers, used at the 2005 Tucson Solar Cooking Potluck.