Recent Submissions

  • [2007-04-13] Solicitor Vollmann Opinion--Pueblo of Sandia Boundary 

    Vollmann, Tim
    The land at issue is on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is within the Sandia Mountain Wilderness. The major portion is owned by the United States Forest Service, with approximately 1151.2 acres in private ...
  • [2007-04-13] Solicitor Tarr Opinion--Pueblo of Sandia Boundary 

    Tarr, Ralph W.
    The Pueblo claims that approximately 10,000 acres of land were incorrectly excluded from a patent issued to the Pueblo by the United States in 1864 because the surveyor erred in not including all of the land originally ...
  • [2007-04-13] Solicitor Leshy Opinion--Eastern Boundary of the Sandia Pueblo Grant 

    Leshy, John D.
    The question of the proper location of the eastern boundary of the 1748 Spanish land grant to the Pueblo of Sandia in central New Mexico has been a matter of public controversy for many years. In December 1988, Solicitor ...

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