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  • [2012-03-24] Randomized Algorithms for Analysis and Control of Uncertain Systems-[Book review; R. Tempo, G. Calafiore, and F. Dabbene] 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Dorato, Peter
    This is the first book that fully covers both randomized algorithms and robust control design. Some of the major topics covered include: a review of probability theory; the robust control problem; computational complexity; ...
  • [2012-04-07] A Randomized approach to the H2/H∞ Control Problem via Q-parameterization 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Horspool, Kenneth R.; Erwin, R. Scott; Dorato, Peter
    We show that the mixed H2/H∞ control problem can be efficiently solved using randomized algorithms. Q-parameterization provides a mechanism to search over all stabilizing controllers, and thus gives us the ability to search ...
  • [2012-03-24] Rate-Limited Stabilization for Network Control Systems 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Lopez, I.
    In this paper, we extend results from packet-based control theory, and present sufficient conditions on the rate of a packet network to guarantee asymptotic stability of unstable discrete LTI system, with less inputs than ...
  • [2012-03-30] Real-time streaming over an IEEE 802.11 b based wireless LAN test bed 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Raghavan, Sunil; Jardin, Ramiro; Jerez, Hemy N.
    Wireless LAN systems based on IEEE 802.11 (see have become a path-breaking innovation and have revolutionized the home, educational and office network markets (Kapp, S., IEEE Internet ...
  • [2012-03-27] Recent Advances on Linear Control Theory under Communication Constraints: A Survey 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Lopez, Ivan
    Recent developments in networked control systems have focused on the issue of communications constraints. In this paper, we summarize the main results for stabilization and performance of networked control systems from an ...
  • [2006-03-10] Recursive Digital Filter Synthesis in the Time Domain 

    Brophy, Francis; Salazar, Andres C.
  • [2012-04-24] The recursive neural network 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Hush, Don; Horne, Bill
    This paper describes a special type of dynamic neural network called the Recursive Neural Network (RNN). The RNN is a single-input single-output nonlinear dynamical system with three subnets, a nonrecursive subnet and two ...
  • [2012-04-19] Recursive neural networks for signal processing and control 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Hush, Don; Horne, B.
    The authors describe a special type of dynamic neural network called the recursive neural network (RNN). The RNN is a single-input single-output nonlinear dynamical system with a nonrecursive subnet and two recursive subnets ...
  • [2012-01-26] Reducing complexity and improving the reliability of frequency reconfigurable antennas 

    Abdallah, Chaouki, T.; Costantine, J.; Tawk, K.; Christodoulou, Christos, G.
    In this paper the complexity and reliability of frequency reconfigurable antennas are presented. A new approach for decreasing the complexity of reconfigurable antennas while maintaining the reliability of such structures ...
  • [2012-01-26] Reducing Redundancies in Reconfigurable Antenna Structures Using Graph Models 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Costantine, Joseph; al-Saffar, Sinan; Christodoulou, Christos G.
    We present an approach for reducing redundancies in the design of reconfigurable antenna structures using graph models. The basics of graph models, their rules, and how they can be applied in the design of switch-based ...
  • [2012-04-12] A Reduction in Conservatism for Convex Linear-Quadratic Simultaneous Performance Design 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Luke, Robert A.; Dorato, Peter
    In this paper a fixed state feedback control law which minimizes upper bounds on linear-quadratic performance measures for m distinct plants is studied. Previous work [8] by the authors demonstrated a convex semidefinite ...
  • [2012-03-27] Resource-constrained load balancing controller for a parallel database 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Birdwell, J. Douglas; Tang, Zhong; Chiasson, John; Hayat, Majeed M.
    The critical features of the load balancing problem are the delayed receipt of information and transferred load. Load distribution and task processing contend for the same resources on each computational element. This paper ...
  • [2012-03-20] Resource-Constrained Load Balancing Controller for a Parallel Database 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Tang, Z.; Birdwell, J. D.; Chiasson, J.; Hayat, M.
    This brief documents experimental results using a deterministic dynamic nonlinear system for load balancing, previously reported by Tang et al. in a cluster of computer nodes used for parallel computations in the presence ...
  • [2012-03-23] Responsive Algorithms for Defending Recon gurable Networks 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Boman, I-Ching; Saia, Jared; Schamiloglu, Edl
    We present algorithms to self-heal reconfigurable networks when they are under attack. These algorithms reconfigure the network during attack to protect two critical invariants. First, they insure that the network remains ...
  • [2012-04-24] Robust adaptive control for a class of partially known nonlinear systems 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Lewis, F. L.; Maliotis, G.
    An adaptive controller is developed that takes advantage of the structure and any known dynamics of the system in order to increase speed of adaptation and relax the conditions required for convergence. The control design ...
  • [2012-04-24] Robust control of accelerators 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Johnson, W. Joel D.
    The problem of controlling tile variations in the rf power system can be effectively cast as an application of modern control theory. Two components of this theory are obtaining a model and a feedback structure. The model ...
  • [2012-04-24] Robust Control of Particle Accelerators 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Johnson, W. Joel D.
    Abstract In this paper, we present a new technique for controlling the electric fields of an electron particle accelerator. This new scheme has greater stability and performance robustness than was previously achieved.
  • [2012-04-12] Robust finite-time stability design via linear matrix inequalities 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Dorato, Peter; Famularo, D.
    For linear systems with polytopic uncertainties, the problem of robust finite-time stabilization is reduced to a system of Linear Matric Inequalities.
  • [2012-04-13] Robust lateral control of highway vehicles 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Byrne, Raymond H.
    Vehicle lateral dynamics are affected by vehicle mass, longitudinal velocity, vehicle inertia, and the cornering stiffness of the tires. All of these parameters are subject to variation, even over the course of a single ...
  • [2012-03-29] Robust mobile robotic formation control using internet-like protocols 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Sandoval-Rodriguez, R.; Byme, R. H.
    This work presents an internet-like protocol (ILP) to coordinate the formation of n second-order agents in a two dimensional (2D) space. The trajectories are specified trough via points and a desired formation at each ...