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    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Heileman, Greg L.; Perez-Gonzalez, Fernando
    We present a generalization of Benford’s law for the first significant digit. This generalization is based on keeping two terms of the Fourier expansion of the probability density function of the data in the modular ...
  • [2012-03-27] Bilateral Teleoperation of Mobile Robot over Delayed Communication Network: Implementation 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Martinez-Palafox, Oscar; Lee, Dongjun; Spong, Mark W.; Lopez, I.
    In a previous paper we proposed a bilateral teleoperation framework of a wheeled mobile robot over communication channel with constant time delay. In this paper we present experimental results. Our goal is to illustrate ...
  • [2012-04-06] Bounded control of multiple-delay systems with applications to ATM networks 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Tarbouriech, Sophie; Ariola, Marco
    Congestion control in the available bit rate (ABR) class of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks poses interesting challenges due to the presence of multiple-delays, magnitude and rate constraints on the inputs and ...
  • [2012-03-29] Bounded controller design of an ABR explicit rate algorithm for ATM switches 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Tarbouiech, Sophie; Ariola, Marco
    Browse > Conferences> Decision and Control, 2003. Pr ... Bounded controller design of an ABR explicit rate algorithm for ATM switches .1273000 abstract . Tarbouriech, S.; Ariola, A.; Abdallah, C.T.; CNRS, ...
  • [2012-04-13] Bounding the Errors in Constructive Function Approximation 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Docampo, D.
    In this paper we study the theoretical limits of finite constructive convex approximations of a given function in a Hilbert space using elements taken from a reduced subset. We also investigate the trade-off between the ...
  • [2012-04-13] Bounding the frequency response for digital transfer functions: results and applications 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Perez-Gonzalez, F.; Docampo, D.
    This paper introduces robust stability techniques for the computation of exact bounds for the frequency response of FIR and IIR digital filters in which the l∞ norm of the coefficients is bounded.
  • [2012-03-29] Closed-loop load balancing: Comparison of a discrete event simulation with experiments 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Tang, Zhong; White, John; Chiasson, John; Birdwell, J. Douglas; Hayat, Majeed M.
    Load balancing for parallel computations is modeled as a deterministic dynamic nonlinear time-delay system. This model accounts for the trade-off between using processor time/network bandwidth and the advantage of distributing ...
  • [2012-04-13] Common, multiple and parametric Lyapunov functions for a class of hybrid dynamical systems 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Fierro, R.; Lewis, F.L.
    This paper considers Lyapunov stability of discontinuous dynamical systems. It is assumed that discontinuities in the system dynamics are caused by some internal (e.g. component failures), and/or external (e.g. controller ...
  • [2012-03-29] Communicating with microwave-propelled sails 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Bakim, i. Sezi; Schamiloglu, Edl
    We describe a communication channel for a microwave-propelled sail, a novel concept for a deep-space scientific probe. We suggest techniques to recover the great loss introduced by the large distances, and we have conducted ...
  • [2012-03-24] Complex Networked Control Systems 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Tanner, Herbert
    This special section focuses on the study of network architectures and their formation as well as on the description of dynamical processes that take place over networks. A common thread throughout the five articles is the ...
  • [2012-04-06] Computational complexity of determining resource loops in re-entrant flow lines 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Lewis, F. L.; Horne, B. G.
    This paper presents a comparison study of the computational complexity of the general job shop protocol and the more structured flow line protocol in a flexible manufacturing system. It is shown that the representative ...
  • [2012-03-20] Conditions for tracking in networked control systems 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Lopez, I; Jayaweera, S.K.; Tanner, H.
    In this paper we obtain information theoretical conditions for tracking in linear time-invariant control systems. We consider the particular case where the closed loop contains a channel in the feedback loop. The mutual ...
  • [2012-04-12] Constructive function approximation: theory and practice 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Docampo, D.; Hush, D.R.
    In this paper we study the theoretical limits of finite constructive convex approximations of a given function in a Hilbert space using elements taken from a reduced subset. We also investigate the trade-off between the ...

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Dorato, Peter; Karni, S.
    This paper presents necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a feedback compensator that will render a given continuous-time or discrete-time linear system SPR. When these conditions hold, the controller ...
  • [2012-01-26] Control in Computing Systems: Part I 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Luna, Jose, Marcio
    This is the first part of a paper that provides an overview of some applications of control theory to computing systems. With the advent of cloud computing and more affordable computing infrastructures, computing engineers ...
  • [2012-01-26] A control theory approach on the design of a Marx generator network 

    Abdallah, Chaouki, T.; Zaccarian, L.; Galeani, S.; Francaviglia, M.; Schamiloglu, E.; Buchenauer, C.J.
    A Marx generator is a well-known type of electrical circuit first described by Erwin Otto Marx in 1924. It has been utilized in numerous applications in pulsed power with resistive or capacitive loads. To-date the vast ...
  • [2012-04-26] Coordination of Multiple Agents in 2D using an Internet-Like Protocol 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Sandoval-Rodriguez, Rafael; Hokayem, Peter F.; Byrne, Raymond H.
    This work presents an Internet-Like Protocol (ILP) to coordinate the formation of n second-order agents in a two dimensional (2D) space. The trajectories are specified trough via points and a desired formation at each ...
  • [2012-03-24] Creating Online Graduate Engineering Degrees at the University of New Mexico 

    Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Heileman, Gregory L.; Shu, Wei; Christodoulou, Christos G.; Knotts, Debby
    This paper describes the motivation, strategies, and implementation details that lead to the creation of online graduate-level degree programs in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of New ...
  • [2006-03-10] Data Pulse Design - Realizability Considerations 

    Foschini, Gerald; Salazar, Andres C.