The Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission was charged with a comprehensive review of federal activities in the western states which affect the use and allocation of water, and the review of numerous aspects of water resources, management, institutional and legal matters, and the performance of federal agencies. The Commission members were appointed by President William J. Clinton, and chaired by University of New Mexico School of Law Professor, Denise D. Fort. A listing of Commission members is included in the Final Report. The Commission's work was done through public meetings, research and symposia, and with the assistance of experts. The Commission's final report, reports submitted to the Commission by experts, and transcripts of meetings and symposia are included in this collection. The final report of the Commission provides an overview of the status of water in the Western United States as of 1998. The report recommends that the federal government support watershed and basin innovation, and shift management toward stakeholder involvement and coordination of agencies along hydrologic rather than political lines. Existing federal programs should be integrated at the watershed and basin level. While continuing to respect existing property rights, federal policies must change how we address tribal rights, acquatic ecosystem degradation, land use, protection of farming and ranching communities.

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