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  • [2016-10-14] Lobowings: A Pilot Study of Interprofessional Patient Safety Training 

    Wittstrom, Kristina; Holdsworth, Mark; Kelly, Loren; Ingall, Glynnis; Rolfson, Mark
    UNMHSC has endorsed Interprofessional Education (IPE) and is committed to developing meaningful curriculum and IPE experiences that will allow students to learn with and from each other about interprofessional collaborative ...
  • [2015-09-02] UNM HSC Environmental Scan Survey Results 

    Disco, Michel; Salazar, Krista; Kelly, Loren; Bessette-Shore, Diane; Arndell, Cynthia; VanLeit, Betsy
    According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO 2010) all learning activities in the IPE curriculum must be interprofessional. There are currently pockets of IPE activities across the UNM HSC campus. ...
  • [2015-09-02] Implementing an Interprofessional Chronic Complex Disease Rotation Innovation ECHO 

    Iandiorio, Michell; Kalilshman, Summers; Deming, Paulina; Anderson, Joe; Roper, Van
    Teaching learners to work effectively in interprofessional clinical teams is a provision of quality care. Applying best practice interprofessional team learning to patients with chronic complex disease supports the mission ...
  • [2015-09-02] Training Faculty in the Principles of Inter-Professional Education: A Pilot Faculty Development Program 

    Disco, Michel; Salazar, Krista; Kelly, Loren; VanLeit, Betsy; Arndell, Cynthia; Wilson, Bronwyn
    After several site visits, conferences and a review of the IPE literature, the IPE team decided that interprofes-sionalfaculty development was an early priority. Five IPE team members (MD, KS, LK, CA, and BW) attended the ...
  • [2015-09-02] Interprofessional Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic 

    Leggott, Kyle; Castioni, Danielle; Stulberg, Daniel
    Interprofessional education has moved to the forefront of healthcare education due to the importance of collaborative relationships between healthcare providers. Recognizing this, numerous national healthcare organizations ...
  • [2015-08-11] An Interprofessional Community Engaged Educational Curriculum for Health Professions Students 

    Arndell, Cynthia; Vargas, LeeAnna; Kelly, Loren Sapphire; VanLeit, Betsy; Garcia, Jacqueline; Cwik, Christine; Quintana, Eric; Bachofer, Sally
    Population health management requires cross-sectoralcollaboration within and outside of health sciences professions to effectively address our current societal health priorities and inequities. Exposing health professions ...

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