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    Macdonald function, Bessel equation, radial wave equation, Newton's identities, Mathematica [1]
    Mach cone [1]
    Mach number [1]
    Mach number. [1]
    Machine Learning [3]
    Machine learning [4]
    machine learning [6]
    machine learning, 5g, user association, load balancing, clustering, reinforcement learning [1]
    Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Gaussian Process, Smart Grid, Micro Grid, Time Series Forecasting, Renewable Energy [1]
    Machine Learning, Malware Detection, Classification, Malicious Web Pages, Supervised Learning, Natural Language Processing [1]
    Machine learning. [2]
    Macroecology, metabolic ecology, birds, mammals, biogeography [1]
    macroecology, microbial ecology, bioinformatics, bacteria [1]
    Macrofossils [1]
    macroinvertebrates [1]
    macrophage [1]
    Macrophages--Activation [1]
    MADD, message effects, randomized trial, effect size, drunk driving, DWI, efficacy trial, method problems, methodological problems, communication theory, theory building, rhetorical analysis, triangulation, drunk driving, interventions, covariates, ANOVA, ANCOVA, survival analysis, message context, message content, message function, message intensity, message frequency, message metrics, message pathos, pathos, message decay, decay rate, message decay rate, intent to persuade, persuasion, confrontation, shame, shaming, public shaming, public censure, forewarning, perceived threat, reactance theory, assumptions, sampling error, recruitment error, non-adherence to condition, random assignment error, factorial design, operationalization, theory construct operationalization, methods informed by literature, methodological symbiosis, questionnaire reliability and validity, secondary data sources, public arrest record, public data, covariate operationalization, reactance constructs, content analysis, theme analysis, prior arrest, censored cases, QSR N6, SPSS, Excel, limitations, under-identification, attrition, population attrition, bimodal distribution, dichotomous variables, data splitting, discretizing data, time to recidivism, subsequent arrests, emotional change, emotion score, outliers, reactance antecedent, message dose, message dosage, treatment fidelity, assess treatment fidelity, predictor variables, controlling variables, demographic covariate, demographic predictor, confirmation bias, data bias, interaction effect, treatment effect, message design, fear appeal, message strength, anger, survival analysis, time dependence, mixed methods, study design, message standardization, internal validity, hard data, hard end-point data, marginal sample size, observed variables, intervening factors, intervening variables, sample size [1]
    madness [1]