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Discussion Group Report: Campaign Finance


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Discussion Group Report: Campaign Finance

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Title: Discussion Group Report: Campaign Finance
Author: Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Brix, Matt; Winter, Brad; Montgomery, Andrew
Subject: Campaign Finance Reform
Governmental Ethics
Political Reform
New Mexico
State Ethics Commissions
Freedom of Speech
Abstract: “Campaign finance” laws cover the manner in which money is raised, spent and reported by candidate committees, political action committees, political parties and independent expenditure groups. This report will examine existing laws in New Mexico, potential problem areas in those laws and options for amending current laws. The real or perceived influence of money on the political process creates an inevitable tension between the right to free speech on the one hand, and the established norm of one person, one vote on the other. Existing laws governing campaign finance in New Mexico focus on reporting requirements, limits on campaign spending, and public campaign funding (for Public Regulation Commission races). With the exception of the Voter Action Act, which provides public campaign funding for Public Regulation Commission races, existing laws discussed in this report are drawn from the various sections of the Campaign Disclosure Act. In accordance with the Task Force matrix, each of the following issue areas will be addressed separately: campaign spending, campaign donations, campaign reporting, public campaign funding and third-party expenditures/out-of-state funding.
Date: 2006
Description: 6 p. ; A discussion group report of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/2607

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