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  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee Membership 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform
    This is a list of subcommittee members of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.
  • [2007-01-18] Should the State Treasurer and the State Auditor Be Appointed? 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform
    The impetus for this issue arises from the difficulty of disciplining or removing an official from elective office in the case of misconduct. Currently, the only provision for enforcement is impeachment. Impeachment is an ...
  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee Report on the Establishment of a State Ethics Commission 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Noel, Jim; Sanchez, Leonard; Bluestone, Stuart; McCoy, Kathy; Winter, Brad; Carey, John
    The establishment of a State Ethics Commission relates directly to ethics reform in the state of New Mexico. Such a commission does not exist in New Mexico, the establishment of which would represent a tangible and concrete ...
  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee Report on Public Financing of Campaigns 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Brix, Matt; Feldman, Dede; Bluestone, Stuart; Udall, Stewart
    Broadly speaking, the Ethics and Campaign Reform Task Force has been assembled to develop constructive methods for removing the adverse effects of money on the political system and improving public confidence in the integrity ...
  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee [Report] on Legislative Compensation 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Carruthers, Gary; Budke, Maralyn; Noel, Jim; Brazil, Barbara
    Currently, under Section 1-19-29.1 NMSA 1978 legislators may use campaign funds for “expenditures … reasonably related to performing the duties of office held, including mail, telephone, and travel expenditures to serve ...
  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee Report on Gifts 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Scarneccia, Suellyn; Martinez, W. Ken; Brix, Matt
    The giving of gifts to show ones appreciation is a valued tradition in New Mexico. However, the giving of gifts to public officials by persons financially interested in their official actions may have a corrupting influence. ...
  • [2007-01-18] Subcommittee Report on Campaign Finance 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Montgomery, Andrew; Brazil, Barbara; Miller, Justin; Noel, Jim; Tompkins, Hilary
    New Mexico is one of a minority of 13 states that do not limit most campaign contributions. The United States Supreme Court has recognized that such limits may serve a state’s compelling interest in preventing corruption ...

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