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  • [2007-01-18] Discussion Group Report: Campaign Finance 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Brix, Matt; Winter, Brad; Montgomery, Andrew
    “Campaign finance” laws cover the manner in which money is raised, spent and reported by candidate committees, political action committees, political parties and independent expenditure groups. This report will examine ...
  • [2007-01-18] Discussion Group Report: Governmental Conduct 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Tompkins, Hilary; Kernan, Gaye; Budke, Maralyn; Miller, Justin
    “Governmental conduct” covers behavior by a wide range of individuals, engaging in a broad scope of activities, and is addressed by a variety of statutes, rules, and codes of conduct. This report concerns the conduct of ...
  • [2007-01-18] Discussion Group Report: Prevention & Enforcement 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Noel, Jim; Bluestone, Stuart; Carey, John; Shandler, Zachary
    New Mexico has a mix of ethical canons and statutes, including the Government Conduct Act, the Procurement Code, Financial Disclosure Act, and others. The Judicial branch has its own code of conduct, as does the Legislative ...