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  • [2016-06-22] The Reptiles of Paraguay: Literature, Distribution, and an Annotated Taxonomic Checklist 

    Cacciali, Pier; Scott, Norman J.; Aquino Ortíz, Aida Luz; Fitzgerald, Lee A.; Smith, Paul
    Our goal is to provide a current list of reptile species of Paraguay, with maps of their known occurrences. Surprisingly little research has been conducted on the reptile fauna of Paraguay. In contrast, Brazil and ...
  • [2015-03-17] Birds in Corrales 

    Findley, James S.
  • [2015-03-17] Food Habits of Rodents Inhabiting Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems of Central New Mexico 

    Hope, Andrew G.; Parmenter, Robert R.
    In this study, we describe seasonal dietary composition for 15 species of rodents collected in all major habitats on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge (Socorro County) in central New Mexico. A comprehensive literature ...
  • [2015-03-17] Birds of the Southern Pacific Lowlands of Guatemala With a Review of Icterus gularis 

    Dickerman, Robert W.
    The avifauna of the southern Pacific lowlands of Guatemala was studied in conjunction with research on the ecology of mosquito-transmitted encephalitis viruses during the years 1967 to 1977. Studies were carried out in ...
  • [2015-03-17] Contributions to the Mammalogy of Mongolia, with a Checklist of Species for the Country 

    Tinnin, David S.; Dunnum, Jonathan L.; Salazar-Bravo, Jorge; Batsaikhan, Nyamsuren; Burt, M. Scott; Gardner, Scott L.; Yates, Terry L.
    We present accounts for 40 species of mammals collected from 15 localities in the Mongolian People's Republic. Accounts include taxonomic, morphometric, reproductive and ecological information, as well as trap effort and ...
  • [2015-03-17] Coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) of the Mammalian Order Chiroptera 

    Duszynski, Donald W.
    The coccidia are protists (phylum Apicomplexa) that, likely, are both the most abundant (numbers of individual zoites) and most speciose of all the kinds of parasites found inion mammals. They also are among the least ...
  • [2015-03-17] Coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) of the Mammalian Order lnsectivora 

    Duszynski, Donald W.; Upton, Steve J.
    The coccidia (protistan phylum Apicomplexa Levine, 1970) comprise a large group of obligate intracellular parasites commonly found in all classes of vertebrate hosts and in some invertebrates. This review focuses on those ...
  • [2015-03-17] Life Among the Muses: Papers in Honor of James S. Findley 

    Yates, Terry L.; Gannon, William L.; Wilson, Don E.; Yates (ed.), Te
    Edited volume of papers Preface; Terry L. Yates The Academic Offspring of James S. Findley; Kenneth N. Geluso and Don E. Wilson Annotated Bibliography of James Smith Findley; William L. Gannon and Don E. Wilson Biogeography ...
  • [2015-03-17] Los Mamíferos del Parque Nacional Amboró y la Región de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia 

    Anderson, Sydney; Riddle, Brett R.; Yates, Terry L.; Cook, Joseph A.
    We provide in this report an annotated list of mammalian species known to occur in the vicinity of Santa Cruz de Ia Sierra in the department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This area includes a high diversity of habitats and ...
  • [2015-01-29] The Biology of the Soricidae 

    Findley, James S; Yates, Terry L
    The papers published in this volume were originally presented in a symposium entitled "The Biology of the Soricidae" at the 67th annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists, held in June 1987 at the University ...
  • [2015-01-29] Mammals and Amphibians of Southeast Alaska 

    MacDonald, S.O.; Cook, Joseph A.
    This report continues the process of documenting the 82 species of mammals and 8 amphibians known to occur, or have recently occurred, In Southeast Alaska. Species accounts are based on a review of the literature, ...

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