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  • [2014-07-28] What Makes Me Dine 

    Bowannie, Mary
  • [2014-07-28] Field to Feast Table 

    Bowannie, Mary
  • [2014-07-08] A Sense of Community 

    Bowannie, Mary
    Brian Howard (Akimel O'odham, Tohono O'odham, and Pipash) is a senior in the NAS program. Howard comments on what brought him to NAS and his future. Created on February 4, 2009 using FlipShare.
  • [2014-07-08] Experiences and Participation 

    Bowannie, Mary
    Jonathan Pino of Zia Pueblo is a recent graduate of the NAS program. Currently, Pino is working for the All Indian Pueblo Council in New Mexico. Created on February 11, 2009 using FlipShare.
  • [2014-07-08] Native American career fair outreachs to alumni and community 

    Bowannie, Mary; Tulley, Nikki; Chavez, Santana
    Roberson Becenti, Navajo, works for the Department of Interior in Albuquerque, NM. He was one of over 15 vendors at the the Native American Career Fair sponsored by the American Indian Business Association at the Anderson ...
  • [2014-07-08] Native American career fair bridges the job market 

    Bowannie, Mary
    Jaye Francis, Laguna Pueblo, shares her experiences about the Native American Career Fair held at the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico. Francis is the staff sponsor of the American Indian ...
  • [2014-07-03] Trayvon Martin shooting builds racial profiling conversations in New Mexico 

    Bowannie, Mary; Nerva, Jodene A.; Haviland, Alicia Frank
    Trayvon Martin's death made news across the globe. The death of Trayvon Martin made headlines across the country and sparked conversations about ever-so-present race. The University of New Mexico's Division for Equity and ...
  • [2014-07-03] Veterans face challenges accessing services at the VA and UNM 

    Bowannie, Mary; Jackson, Aundrea D.; Hernandez, Mandy G.
    Navigating college for most new students can be daunting, but for veteran's returning from the current conflicts of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom re-entering society and campus life can present its own ...
  • [2014-07-03] UNM LGBTQ Center offers free counseling, student services 

    Bowannie, Mary; Skeets, Matthew
    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Resource Center is located on the far west end of the University of New Mexico campus. They offer many free services for UNM students including; free printing, a ...
  • [2014-07-03] Navajo Nation files lawsuit over Urban Outfitters clothing line 

    Bowannie, Mary; Hernandez, Mandy G.; Haviland, Alicia Frank
    The Navajo Nation filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico in February against Urban Outfitters of the use of the Navajo name on clothing. The Navajo Nation cited trademark violations and unfair ...
  • [2014-07-03] Shoshone-Bannock, Mark Trahant discuss Native American health policy at Albuquerque forum 

    Bowannie, Mary; Martinez, Akeemi; Martinez, Akilah
    The health disparities facing Native American communities are often the focus of discussions among health care workers, tribal communities and even the news media. On April 12 and 13, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ...

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