Recent Submissions

  • [2014-09-10] Designing a Research Study 

    Petersen, Timothy
    Medical study design consists of a collection of decisions made about the goals and methods used to answer a research question. Striking a balance among competing demands may seem daunting, but it need not be.
  • [2014-08-05] Abdominal wall blocks 

    Arndt, Christopher
  • [2014-07-11] Evidence-Based Medicine 

    Petersen, Timothy
    Evidence-based medicine is not a cookbook approach, but rather a mindset toward making reliable and evidence-supported medical decisions. This presentation discusses that approach and a criticism of it.
  • [2014-05-06] Arthrogryposis and a Cesarean Delivery 

    Weinstein, Adam; Copeland, Stephen; Zolyomi, Arpad; Wills, John
    Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is characterized by progressive multiple joint contractures that are present at birth (distal joints are more affected than proximal joints). The origin is primarily neurogenic (> 90% of ...
  • [2014-05-06] Epidural fever 

    Weinstein, Adam
    Maternal fever during/after delivery with epidural analgesia is associated with complications in subsequent deliveries. Possible causes and treatments are examined.
  • [2014-04-30] Breathing Systems 

    Brierley, Janet
    An introduction to ventilation system terminology, attachment types, and aspects to consider when selecting ventilation technology
  • [2014-04-23] So you want to do research: we can fix that 

    Petersen, Tim
  • [2014-04-23] Math and statistics and bears: oh my 

    Petersen, Tim

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