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  • [2011-07-02] Analysis, design and implementation of front-end reconfigurable antenna systems (FERAS) 

    Tawk, Youssef
    The increase in demand on reconfigurable systems and especially for wireless communications applications has stressed the need for smart and agile RF devices that sense and respond to the RF changes in the environment. ...
  • [2010-02-09] Design, optimization and analysis of reconfigurable antennas 

    Costantine, Joseph, 1981
    The ability of reconfigurable antennas to tune resonances, change polarization and modify their radiation patterns, made their development imperative in modern telecommunication systems. Their agility and diversity created ...
  • [2010-02-09] FPGA controlled reconfigurable antenna 

    Shelley, Severn
    At the present time, the advantages of reconfigurable antennas are numerous but limited by the method of controlling their configuration. This thesis proposes to utilize the advantages of Field Programmable Gate Arrays ...