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  • [2013-03-07] Proposed HSC Governance Regents Policy Revisions 

    University Counsel
    Attached is a packet of proposed revised Regents policies pertaining to the HSC Governance reorganization proposal. After careful review, the Policy Office concluded that the earlier format of proposed revisions to Regent ...
  • [2013-03-07] Voluntary Faculty Retirement Incentives 

    Coughlin, Richard
    This report presents the results of the exploratory research and data analysis I conducted from May-August 2009 related to the development of a policy for voluntary faculty retirement incentives.
  • [2013-03-07] Outline of University of New Mexico ("UNM") - American Campus Communities ("ACC") Master Agreement for Lease of UNM Sites for Student Housing (the "Project") 

    University of New Mexico
    UNM Regents ("Regents"), upon recommendation of Lobo Development Corporation ("Lobo"), Approve Master Agreement for Lease and Term Sheet of Ground Lease Terms.
  • [2013-03-07] Master Agreement for Lease of UNM Sites for Student Housing 

    University of New Mexico
    THIS MASTER AGREEMENT FOR LEASE OF UNM SITES FOR STUDENT HOUSING (this "Master Agreement") is dated as of , 2009 ("Effective Date"), and entered into by and between the REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, a body ...
  • [2013-03-07] Higher Education Evalutation 

    Legislative Finance Committee
    Higher education accounts for about 16 percent of all state spending. Since FY04, the Legislature has increased general fund spending on higher education nearly $214 million or approximately 33 percent, from approximately ...
  • [2013-03-07] Comprehensive Review of Changes in Upper Administration 2003-2008 

    Unknown author
    In May 2008 the Faculty requested a comprehensive review of the change in upper administration expenditures at UNM. The principle objective of this report is to provide salaries and budgets of administration beginning ...
  • [2013-03-05] State Policy Brief: Merit Screening of Citizens for Gubernatorial Appointment to Public College and University Trusteeship 

    Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
    This paper makes the case for establishing recruitment and screening panels to help governors appoint public college and university trustees. It offers ideas that can be adapted to the diverse traditions and cultures of ...
  • [2013-03-05] Proposed HSC Governance 

    Trotter, John
    The various components of the Health Sciences Center have been rapidly changing and growing and will continue to grow due to the increasing population and our expanding duties to the people of the state. Our current ...
  • [2013-03-05] Formula for Computing Faculty Loads 

    Unknown author
    Deans who approve. assignment of variable units should clear these with the Office of the Provost in order to insure consistent policies among the various colleges and schools.
  • [2013-03-05] Faculty Senate Committees 

    Fields, Douglas
  • [2013-03-05] Faculty Senate Structure: A Proposal Including Budgets 

    Ross, Tim; Fields, Douglas
    It has become increasingly difficult for the Faculty Senate, the FS President and the Operations Committee (OPS) to adequately meet all the legitimate needs and time demands of their respective roles. It is also increasingly ...
  • [2013-03-05] Faculty Handbook C110 Policy: Teaching Assignments 

    University of New Mexico
    1. This policy has been developed pursuant to the resolution of the Regents at their meeting 13 June 1977. 2. Faculty "teaching" assignments are measured in "load units" as defined and calculated in accordance with ...
  • [2013-03-05] Faculty Handbook C100 Policy: Academic Load 

    University of New Mexico
    The term "academic load" describes, the sum total of all officially recognized University duties carried out by an individual member of the faculty at any given time.
  • [2013-03-05] Draft Effort Reporting Policy 

    Unknown author
    Conduct of research is a primary mission of the University of New Mexico. The University is committed to ensuring that effort expended on federally sponsored agreements is appropriately documented, that salaries and wages ...
  • [2013-03-05] Faculty Load Definitions 

    Unknown author
    ADJUSTED CREDIT HOURS The classroom teaching hours for a particular course, adjusted to reflect faculty work requirements either more than or less than the normal expectation.
  • [2013-03-04] Criticisms of the Current Structure at UNM 

    Faculty Senate
    Criticisms from within “Too many committees to watch” – OPS Over the past several years, there has been an attempt to pare down the number of FS committees from its record high of 21 or so, down to 16-19. There is always ...

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