DPAC was founded at the UNM School of Architecture and Planning in 1969 to deliver design and planning services to low-income communities throughout the state of New Mexico. It is the second oldest continuously operating design center based in a public university. In its 44-year history, DPAC has completed approximately 1500 projects, serving hundreds of communities–large and small–in every county of the state.

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  • [2016-02-08] Roosevelt County Courthouse Square Improvements 

    Alford, Jeremy Scott
    The goal of this process was to provide as much knowledge and insight as possible to the city of Portales with the intention that they would use this knowledge and this booklet as a tool to write an RFP that would get them ...
  • [2016-02-08] Silver City, NM HMS Network 

    Flores, Leandro; Harberts, Mark; Deshler, Lawrence
  • [2016-02-08] Lovington DPAC Master Plan 

    Morris, Petra; Oliver, Julia; Dupont, Dominique Hinds; Dunn, Jessica; Guist, Kristina; Gustinella, Ron; Yushmanova, Yekaterina; Medrano, Jessica; Munns, Chance; Bollinger, Matthew; Cruz, Cesar; Frankis, Robert; Haught, Cristel; George, Sam
    D PACAC partners with New Mexico Main Street, a national nonprofit community organization that is administered in the State of New Mexico through the New Mexico Economic Development Department. Main Street’s goal is to ...
  • [2016-02-08] Design Principles for Downtown Revitalization: Las Cruces, New Mexico 

    Unknown author
    The buildings of and around downtown Las Cruces reflect the unique blend of cultures and activities found within the city. Or at least it did. Today, many of the Art-Deco theaters, the historic brick structures and ...
  • [2016-02-08] Hidalgo Medical Services - Silver City, New Mexico 

    Guardiola, Ramiro; Mounce, Michael; Munoz, Ubaldo
  • [2016-02-08] Deming Main Street Visioning Plan 

    Carnevale, Nicole; Fisher, Sarah Wentzel; Armand, James; Cowdrey, Dean; Fisher, Drew; Rovero, Laura N.; Sanchez, Jeremy; Vigil, Antonio; Adams, Cathleen; Cui, Ning; Erickson, Nan; Fettes, Anthony; Ryan, Maggie; Stevens, Elaine
    DPAC collaborates with New Mexico Main Street, a nonprofit organization administered through New Mexico Economic Development Program, and a local Main Street organization. The partnership assists communities with planning and ...
  • [2016-02-08] MainStreet Art & Cultural Theater Districts - Clovis & Tucumcari Communities 

    Gard, Kelly; Furrow, Janell; Treme, Cameron; Lusk, Dale; Baca, Laura; Miranda, Servando; Pereira, Trupti Stellus; Guerrero, Eliah; Osuna, Daniel; Maynard, Kevin; Depoy, Justin; Collins, Pete; George, Stacey
    During the spring of 2013 Design Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) of the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning worked with New Mexico MainStreet to assist Clovis and Tucumcari MainStreet ...
  • [2016-02-08] Bernalillo Housing Project - Fall 2002 

    Hearn, Brian; Robinson, Fred; Mackenzie-Chavez, Keegan; Harvold, Mark; Castro, Claudia; Hendrix, Jimmy; Maynard, Shelley; Pavlakovich, Alisa; Lucero, James; Ogle, Justin; Poncelow, Matthew
    With the objective of MainStreet and Bernalillo in mind we, the Design Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, were assigned to look at three specific ...
  • [2013-03-22] South Carlisle Neighborhood Community Planning Concepts 

    Brawley, Joe; Childs, Mark; Lusk, Paul; Radnovich, George; Wilson, Chris
    architecture, urban design, Carlisle Village, Albuquerque, landscape architecture, community and regional planning
  • [2013-03-22] Socorro Downtown Revitalization 

    Wilson, Chris; Childs, Mark
  • [2013-03-22] Santa Rosa Visioning Plan 

    Reese, Lisa; Reisen, Nicholas; Zelaya, Jose; Wilson, Chris
  • [2013-03-22] Roswell Visioning Plan 

    Godfrey, Anne; Zelaya, Jose
  • [2013-03-22] Raton Revamp 

    Maniatis, Efthimios; Wong, Judith; Godfrey, Anne; Childs, Mark; Henkel, David
  • [2013-03-22] Portales Downtown Visioning Plan 

    Zelaya, Jose
  • [2013-03-22] Mountain View Design Project 

    Barney, John; Frye, Sue; Pride, Michaele
  • [2013-03-22] Los Lunas Transit Center: An Urban Design Proposal 

    Childs, Mark C.; Zelaya, Jose
  • [2013-03-22] Envisioning Downtown: Ideas for Revitalization in Los Alamos, New Mexico 

    Childs, Mark; Pressman, Andy
  • [2013-03-22] Lomas Boulevard/UNM Campus 

    Lusk, Paul; Childs, Mark
  • [2013-03-22] DPAC 2013: Dixon Learning Center 

    Perkins, William S.; Wilson, Chris; Childs, Mark
  • [2013-03-22] Reviving Mainstreet 2012: Doña Ana + Las Cruces Communitites 

    Pride, Michaele; Frye, Susan; Barney, John; Childs, Mark; Isaac, Claudia; Wilson, Chris

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