October-December, 1941

Recent Submissions

  • [2013-03-01] Southwestern Archaeology Book Review 

    Lange, Charles
    According to his preface, McGregor's intentions were to fulfill a need for a general summary of the vast literature on southwestern archaeology. Cultural centers were emphasized; outlying cultures were mentioned; and ...
  • [2013-03-01] Necrology 

    Anderson, F.
  • [2013-03-01] Front Matter 

    Anthropology Department
  • [2013-03-01] Archaeological Aspects of the Alaska Much Deposits 

    Hibben, Frank
    The following observations comprise the summation of evidence gleaned during the University of New Mexico's expedition to Alaska in the summer of 1941. The purpose of this expedition was the survey of all data concerning ...
  • [2013-03-01] A Brief History of Anthropology in Brazil 

    Brand, Donald
    The history of Anthropology in Brazil begins with the discovery of that country in 1500. This is not only because its inhabitants were first described in that year, but also because of the wealth of ethnographic and ...

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