Emerging Lobo Leaders

ASUNM Emerging Lobo Leaders (ELL) is a semester-long program that aims to provide freshmen students with experience and involvement in ASUNM's Executive Branch, Senate and the seven Student Service Agencies. Once accepted into the program, students are able to work with agency directors and staff, Senators, and the Executive team, making connections that will benefit them throughout their career at UNM. Students will get an inside look at how Associated Students (ASUNM) works, and learn about effective leadership. ELL students are placed in positions where they can make an impact now. During the semester, ELLs are paired with ASUNM leaders who will guide and empower them to serve the student body during their freshman year. During weekly meetings, ELLs will learn the “ins and outs” of ASUNM and work on their ongoing projects. Welcome to UNM — now let’s get involved!

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the ELL application process, including conducting interviews and creating the ELL class each semester. The Director will create the schedule for each semester, including but not limited to meeting agendas, socials, and other events. The Executive Director works with all of the ASUNM branches to schedule guest speakers for ELL meetings. The Director is responsible for running the ELL meetings, and helping the ELLs reach their goals at UNM. Additionally, the Director should get to know all of the ELL students and act as a mentor to them.

Assistant Director

The Assistant Director is responsible for aiding the Executive Director with his or her responsibilities. Additionally, the Assistant Director should facilitate a leadership topic discussion at each weekly meeting. The Assistant Director should get to know all of the ELL students and act as a mentor to them.