The ASUNM Elections Commission is a group of students whose purpose if to ensure the elections run in a fair manner. The Elections Commission is responsible for the Homecoming lection, the Fall Senatorial election and the Spring Presidential/Senatorial election for ASUNM offices.

Executive Director and Assistant Director

The directors of the ASUNM Elections commission work to facilitate and organize smooth elections throughout the year. They work behind the scenes doing tasks such as scheduling polling locations for election day, keeping students up-to-date on all information concerning elections through certain mediums like the Daily Lobo. The directors also are charged with overseeing all paperwork concerning candidates, determining eligibility and monitoring campaign ethics. The directors also must attend weekly meetings with the ASUNM advisers to discuss progress and any issues that may arise as elections approach. Directors also run meetings with the commissioners. Most importantly, the directors are there to ensure the elections are a positive experience for everyone involved either running for a position or working at one of the polling locations.


Currently there are seven students working as commissioners. Each commissioner is responsible to attend regular meetings to prepare for the elections. They are also required to attend all events pertaining to the election (i.e. candidate meeting, endorsement forum, etc.). On election day, commissioners run their own polling location. They are required to get their polls situated by the time the election starts. Throughout the day, they act as enforcers for all campaign policies established by the directors.

Poll Workers

The poll workers are the students involved in chartered organizations on campus who assist the commissioners in running their polling location. Generally, they are required to ensure that people around the polling location stay unbiased and that students who are voting are signed in before they proceed to a computer. The organizations get paid for the workers they have present.