ASUNM Arts and Crafts Studio

The ASUNM Arts and Crafts Studio is an extension of the University’s academic mission. It is our hope to provide low-cost instruction and a workspace to UNM students and community members interested in ceramics, jewelry, and all handcrafts and art production. The studio provides access to a community studio space and furnishes materials, tools and instruction for its members at greatly reduced prices. The studio is open to all and seeks to provide a welcoming environment that facilitates education and community participation in the arts.

Executive Director

The Executive Director oversees all studio business, from the day-to-day activities of members, to acting as a liaison with the greater UNM community. The Executive Director also manages the studio budget.

Ceramic Technicians

The technicians are the heartbeat of the studio. Their responsibilities range from upkeep and maintenance of studio equipment and materials to creating a firing and production schedule, and educating members as well as teaching lessons and group workshops.

Jewelry Technicians

The jewelry technician’s responsibilities are similar to that of ceramic technicians, maintaining the jewelry station and tools, teaching lessons and workshops, ensuring the safety of members and staff.

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    Unknown author
    The ASUNM Arts & Crafts Studio is dedicated to providing safe, affordable and accessible ceramics and jewelry services and education for the UNM and Albuquerque communities. As such, the studio maintains strict policies ...

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