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dc.subjectNewsletter; Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center; HSLIC; University of New Mexico; Library Servicees; Health sciencees libraries; Medical libraries; Holly Buchanan; NLM services; Sharon Lezotte; Consumer Health Librarian; NLM practicum; Fee schedule; PubMed; John Abrams; Nathan Parker; Ingrid Hendrix; Linda Byrd; Janelle Edmister; Kim Hagen; Seth Pershan; Ruth Morris; Janet Johnson; HSC archives; Instruction Series; Bioterrorism; Anthrax; Science Advisory Council; Weeding; Viruses; IAIMS planning; Access grid technology; New faculty work stations; Curriculum software; HSC website redesign; HSLIC website redesign; Online courses; New web camera; GroupWiseen_US
dc.titleadobe medicus 2002 1 January-Februaryen_US

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