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El Corrido de George Silva


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El Corrido de George Silva

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Title: El Corrido de George Silva
Author: Lamadrid, Enrique; Garcia, David
Subject: George Silva
Date: 2005
Publisher: SW Hispanic Research Institute
Description: Photos, documents and ballad of the 1932 robbery and murder of George Silva, a prosperous twenty-two-year-old merchant and the well-respected son of a Lebanese father and Hispanic mother. Anglo con man Bill “Governor” Smith, confessed perpetrator of this Depression-era hate crime, got off easy with a ten-year prison sentence.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/20905

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6. Newspaper Record.doc 56.5Kb Microsoft Word View/Open
4. Political Contexts.doc 7.613Mb Microsoft Word View/Open
5. Lamadrid-García Paper.doc 27.5Kb Microsoft Word View/Open
3. Corrido text.pdf 55.05Kb PDF View/Open
5. Lamadrid-García Paper.pdf 93.25Kb PDF View/Open
1. Silva Family Letter.pdf 73.79Kb PDF View/Open
4. Political Contexts.pdf 272.6Kb PDF View/Open
6. Newspaper Record.pdf 106.6Kb PDF View/Open
2. Broadside Ballad.pdf 422.2Kb PDF View/Open
7. Stunted Tree Mystery.pdf 544.3Kb PDF View/Open
8. Ramón Luna - Photo.pdf 381.7Kb PDF View/Open
1. Silva Family Letter.doc 13Kb Microsoft Word View/Open
3. Corrido text.doc 31Kb Microsoft Word View/Open

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