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Non relativistic Kapitza-Dirac scattering


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Non relativistic Kapitza-Dirac scattering

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Title: Non relativistic Kapitza-Dirac scattering
Author: Coutsias, Evangelos A.; McIver, J.K.
Abstract: We use techniques of singular perturbation theory to investigate the scattering of nonrelativistic charged particles by a standing light wave (Kapitza-Dirac scattering). Unlike previous treatments, we give explicit results for the effects of the time-dependent part of the field. For low field intensity or low particle energy, we show that the leading-order effects can be found from an averaged equation, and we compute corrections. For the strong fields that can be produced by modern lasers and/or high particle energies, we show that the time dependence of the potential leads to focusing. Our methods can be applied to other problems with time-periodic potentials.
Date: 1985-05
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review A, 31(5): 3155-3168
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/20193
ISSN: 1050-2947

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