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Paternal history of asthma and airway responsiveness in children with asthma


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Paternal history of asthma and airway responsiveness in children with asthma

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Title: Paternal history of asthma and airway responsiveness in children with asthma
Author: Raby BA, BA; Van Steen K, K; Celedon JC, JC; Litonjua AA, AA; Lange C, C; Weiss ST, ST; CAMP Research Group
Subject(s): Paternal history
airway responsiveness
children with asthma
Abstract: RATIONALE: Little is known regarding the relationship between parental history of asthma and subsequent airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) in children with asthma. OBJECTIVES: We evaluated this relationship in 1,041 children with asthma participating in a randomized trial of antiinflammatory medications (the Childhood Asthma Management Program [CAMP]). METHODS: Methacholine challenge testing was performed before treatment randomization and once per year over an average of 4.5 years postrandomization. Cross-sectional and longitudinal repeated measures analyses were performed to model the relationship between PC20 (the methacholine concentration causing a 20% fall in FEV1) with maternal, paternal, and joint parental histories of asthma. Models were adjusted for potential confounders. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: At baseline, AHR was strongly associated with a paternal history of asthma. Children with a paternal history of asthma demonstrated significantly greater AHR than those without such history (median log(e)PC20, 0.84 vs. 1.13; p = 0.006). Although maternal history of asthma was not associated with AHR, children with two parents with asthma had greater AHR than those with no parents with asthma (median log(e)PC20, 0.52 vs. 1.17; p = 0.0008). Longitudinal multivariate analysis of the relation between paternal history of asthma and AHR using repeated PC20 measurements over 44 months postrandomization confirmed a significant association between paternal history of asthma and AHR among children in CAMP. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest that the genetic contribution of the father is associated with AHR, an important determinant of disease severity among children with asthma.
Date: 2006-09-20
Publisher: Raby, BA - American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
Citation: 2005 Sep 1;172(5):552-8. Epub 2005 Jun 3
Description: For full-test go to PubMed ID: 15937295
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/1921

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