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  • [2007-07-15] Innovations in Theory Development for the Nursing Discipline Volume 1 

    Browning, Gloria; Cheuvront, Barbara; DelGrande, Angela; Ice, Unchalee; Lynch, Stephanie; Lottis, Karen; Radasa, Trinette; Ticas, Lourdes; Marsh, Laura; Nuttal, Cynthia; McClelland, Sandra
  • [2009-02-26] Innovations in Theory Development for the Nursing Development. Volume II 

    Bett, Carol J.; Krieger, Hanna; Kuhlmann, Kristin L.; Siemon, Mark; Steel, Susan
    This second volume of theory development demonstrates further exploration and expansion of some of the theories used in nursing practice. Interdisciplinary theories were researched and utilized in the various theory ...
  • [2010-05-01] Comfort: A Concept Analysis 

    Wechter, Susan M. RN, MSN,PNP-BC; Lobo, Marie L. PhD, RN, FAAN
    From the time of birth, human beings yearn for comfort. Comfort remains a substantive need throughout life and should be considered a vital part of holistic nursing care. Consequently, a clear, current concept analysis ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Conceptual Analysis of Awareness in Healing 

    Phipps-Morgan, Melanie Cabezas CNM, MSN; Lobo, Marie L. PhD, RN, FAAN
    References in four databases were examined for the meanings and uses of awareness in healing, including CINAHL, Expanded Academic ASAP, JSTOR, and PubMed, as well as current and historical references of the meanings ...
  • [2010-05-01] Challenges in Measuring Weight Gain in Pediatric Obesity Research 

    Faulkner, Martha J. "Molly" PhDc, FNP-BC, LISW; Tigges, Beth PhD, RN, PNP, BC
    Review the challenges in measuring weight gain in pediatric obesity research. • Examine challenges around defining & measuring weight gain. • Review author’s research with children & adolescents who gain weight while ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Concept Analysis of Obesity in Children 

    Montoya, Carolyn RN, MSN, CPNP; Lobo, Marie L. PhD, RN, FAA
    The current prevalence of childhood obesity in the US is 16% and projections for the year 2030 are that approximately 30% of children and adolescents will be obese.
  • [2010-05-01] Nursing Students' Perception of the Nursing Shortage 

    Wechter, Susan RN, MSN, PNP, BC; Hernandez, Stephen RN, MSN; Mayo, Melanie RN, MSN, FNP-BC, AHPN; Siemon, Mark RN-BC, MPH, MSN; Smith, Jane RN, MSN; Krieger, Hanna RN, MSN; Mendelson, Cindy RN, PhD
    The purpose of the study was to explore nursing students’ perceptions of the nursing shortage and its implications on their education and future opportunities.
  • [2010-05-01] Health Behavior and the Concept of Intention 

    Kuhlmann MS, Kristin L. RN-BC, FNP
    Prior to performing a behavior to improve health, the person must formulate an intention, a mental construct comprised of an ordered series of actions, designed specifically to complete a desired outcome. An examination ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Sample of Rural and Global Health Issues 

    Bett, Carol; Cechanowicz, Barbara; Chapman, Demetrius; Hernandez, Stephen; Kriegor, Hannelore; Mayo, Melanie; Phoenix, Loyce; Rios, Conrad; Sellstrom, Teresa; Veltman, Max
    The challenges faced by local, national, and global communities in an ever-changing world have continued to grow as we complete the first decade of the 21st century. The doctoral students writing this book undertook the ...
  • [2010-10-06] Dimensions in Health : A Sample of Rural and Global Health Issues 

    McClelland, Sandra L.; Steel, Susan; Marsh, Laura; Radasa, Trinette; Ticas, Lourdes; DelGrande, Angela; Browning, Gloria; Smith, Jane L.; Kuhlmann, Kristin; Ice, Unchalee Vatanasook; Lottis, Karen; Payment, Dale
    We invite you to explore an array of issues touching culture, rurality, or both, in the following collection of essays. In this class, we have defined both culture and rurality broadly and in expansive contexts. Much remains ...