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Fracture toughness of ultra high performance concrete


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Fracture toughness of ultra high performance concrete

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Title: Fracture toughness of ultra high performance concrete
Author: Honarvar Gheitanbaf, Ebadollah
Advisor(s): Maji, Arup
Committee Member(s): Taha, Mahmoud
Gerstle, Walter
Department: University of New Mexico. Dept. of Civil Engineering
Subject: Fracture Toughness
Ultra High Performance Concrete
Fracture Energy
LC Subject(s): High strength concrete--Fracture.
Degree Level: Masters
Abstract: In this study, fracture properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), and High Performance Concrete (HPC) are presented. The average compressive strengths of UHPC and HPC used in the tests were 141 MPa, and 55 MPa respectively. Formulation and processing of the mixes and test specimens are also presented. Size effect and the influence of compressive strength of concrete on fracture parameters were investigated using test methods recommended by ACI Committee 446. The fracture properties investigated included crack opening displacement (COD), fracture energy GF, fracture toughness KIC, and bilinear approximation of the softening curve, for two different sizes of UHPC and HPC.
Graduation Date: July 2011
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/13094

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