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Minimum Wage States During Recession


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Minimum Wage States During Recession

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Title: Minimum Wage States During Recession
Author: Burrows, Leila
Advisor(s): Binder, Melissa
Committee Member(s): Binder, Melissa
Krause, Kate
Ganderton, Phil
Department: University of New Mexico. Dept. of Economics
Subject: Minimum Wage
Wage Floor
LC Subject(s): Minimum wage--United States--Evaluation
Minimum wage--United States--States--Evaluation
Recessions--United States
Recessions--United States--States
Degree Level: Masters
Abstract: This study analyzes the effect of minimum wage legislation during a period of economic recession. In particular, I examine whether states with minimum wages higher than the federal minimum wage fared better or worse during the recession that began December 2007. Since minimum wages raise the price of labor above market price, firms subject to this additional cost might experience greater adverse effects of the recession. On the other hand, since state minimum wages are often enacted in states with relatively high market wages, the disemployment effects of minimum wage legislation might be negligible. Despite a large increase in minimum wages during this period, no significant disemployment effects were estimated.
Graduation Date: July 2010
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/11082

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