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  • [2010-02-09] Term rewriting with built-in numbers and collection data structures 

    Falke, Stephan
    Term rewrite systems have been extensively used in order to model computer programs for the purpose of formal verification. This is in particular true if the termination behavior of computer programs is investigated, and ...
  • [2011-02-09] Three algorithms for causal learning 

    Rammohan, Roshan Ram
    The field of causal learning has grown in the past decade, establishing itself as a major focus in artificial intelligence research. Traditionally, approaches to causal learning are split into two areas. One area involves ...
  • [2010-02-09] Using ant colony optimization for routing in microprocesors 

    Arora, Tamanna
    Power consumption is an important constraint on VLSI systems. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to pack a large range of functionalities into VLSI devices. Hence it is important to find out ways to ...