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  • [2015-07-06] Gender, Legal Education and Legal Careers 

    Lopez, Antoinette Sedillo; Lee Teitelbaum & Jeffrey Jenkins
    Much of the literature on the careers of women generally-as well as the smaller literature on the experiences of women in legal education and legal practice-supposes that women will follow different paths and have different ...
  • [2012-05-08] Generalizing Gender: Reason and Essence in the Legal Thought of Catherine Mackinnon 

    Rapaport, Elizabeth
    Catharine MacKinnon's work has been a shaping force in the development of feminist legal theory as well as on the course of legal reform. Although few feminist scholars accept her views on gender and sexuality in their ...
  • [2012-05-08] The Georgia Immigration Pardons: A Case Study in Mass Clemency 

    Rapaport, Elizabeth
    The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) enlarged the class of aliens subject to mandatory deportation as "aggravated felons" under the Immigration and Nationality Act. There is only ...
  • [2013-01-17] Gila River Indian Community Water Rights Settlement Act of 2004 

    United States 108th Congress
    Federal legislation: Gila River Indian Community Water Rights Settlement of 2004 as Title II found in the Arizona Water Settlement Act of 2004. Title I reallocates 28,200 acre-feet of CAP agricultural priority water; amends ...
  • [2006-03-11] Glannon Guide to Bankruptcy (Updates) 

    Martin, Nathalie
    This site will soon contain updates to the Glannon Guide to Bankruptcy to reflect the large-scale changes in bankruptcy law caused by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Thank you very ...
  • [2006-11-27] A Good Regulation Went Bad: Fractional Elk Graze New Mexico 

    Thomas, Brian
    In 1989, the New Mexico State Game Commission (SGC) and Department of Game and Fish (DGF) promulgated the first of a new generation of regulations governing private landowner permits for elk. These regulations proposed ...
  • [2007-01-18] Governmental Conduct 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Tompkins, Hilary; Kernan, Gaye; Budke, Maralyn; Miller, Justin
    This presentation covers the following issues of governmental conduct: gifts, nepotism, lobbying, and conduct of government officials.
  • [2006-11-27] Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform: Report of Recommendations 

    Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Carruthers, Garrey E.; Scarnecchia, Suellyn
    Governor Bill Richardson created the Governor’s Task Force on Ethics Reform to develop a comprehensive approach to reforming New Mexico’s ethics and campaign finance laws. During the course of its work, the task force ...
  • [2007-01-16] Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform Materials: Part One (Bibliography) 

    Unknown author
    This is a listing of citations of state laws governing governmental ethics. This list includes citations from state ethics commissions as well as publications from the State Conference of State Legislatures.
  • [2007-01-16] Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform Materials: Part Two (Bibliography) 

    Unknown author
    This is a listing of citations of state laws governing governmental ethics. This list includes citations of material from state ethics commissions and the National Conference of State Legislatures.
  • [2007-04-13] The Grant of Political Asylum Based on China's Population Control Policy 

    Molina, Isela
    This article will explore the extent of which Chinese citizens fleeing PRC's "one couple - one child" policy are eligible for asylum under U.S. refugee law. Section II of this article provides an historical analysis of ...
  • [2007-02-20] Grazing on National Forest Riparian Lands: Illegal Disruption of Water Flows? 

    Lowry, Marc
    Riparian areas not only store water for future use, but also dissipate and attenuate the energy of floodwaters, which reduces peak flows in streams and rivers. Riparian lands are rapidly disappearing with domestic livestock ...
  • [2012-05-08] Grooming Crossovers 

    Mathewson, Alfred
    This article is about the influence of African-American athletes on sports and sports law in the United States. It begins with an examination of the crossover Black athlete, one who is able to transcend color in popular ...
  • [2012-05-08] Groundwater Policy in the Western United States 

    Fort, Denise; McKean, Summer
    Groundwater mining is inadequately addressed by state and federal policies in the United States. New Mexico's failure to manage groundwater aquifers has resulted in costly federal rescue projects. Better information and ...
  • [2007-02-27] Handbook on State-Tribal Relations 

    Commission on State-Tribal Relations
    An analytical look at the state-tribal relationship insofar as it resembles other intergovernmental relationships and insofar as it is unique. The Handbook provides a framework for looking at tribes and states taking into ...
  • [2008-01-25] A History of America's First Jim Crow Law School Library and Staff 

    Longa, Ernesto
    Paper relies heavily on African-American newspapers and archival materials from Lincoln University and the AALL Archive to tell the story of Lincoln University Law School (1939-1955), provide biographical sketches of its ...
  • [2007-04-13] History of the Boundaries of the Pueblo of Sandia, 1748-1860 

    Hordes, Stanley M.
    The purposes of this report are threefold: (1) to analyze the boundaries of the Pueblo of Sandia, as articulated and interpreted by Spanish, Mexican and U.S. Territorial authorities from the establishment of Sandia Pueblo ...
  • [2013-01-17] Hold for Signatures 

    Unknown author
    Note about status of Settlement Agreement
  • [2011-01-01] How Law Schools Benefit When Librarians Publish, Teach and Hold Faculty Status 

    Parker, Carol
    Many non-director academic law librarians publish and teach legal research classes. Some hold faculty status as well. Law librarians have expertise in the development and delivery of legal research instruction methodologies ...
  • [2008-12-08] The Impact of Non_Mutual Collateral Estoppel on Tort Litigation Involving Several Liability 

    Occhialino, Mario
    This article focuses on the extent to which the percentages of fault attributed to wrongdoers in one case may be binding in subsequent litigation involving the same incident and some of the same persons who were parties ...