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  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1962) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §4.1. Introduction. The 1961 Annual Suroey of American Law pointed to the Uniform Commercial Code as the most significant development in the law of contracts during recent years. This statute, with its many provisions ...
  • [2015-08-27] In Defense of Certain Provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code Relating to Formation of Sales Contracts: A Partial Reply to Professor Babb 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    During the past two years, the former Portland Law Review and the reestablished Maine Law Review have carried articles by Professor Babb commenting on many provisions of the uniform Commercial Code. The adverse tenor of ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1963) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §4.1. Introduction. None of the contract cases decided during the 1963 Survey year requires extensive comment. This conclusion probably reflects an approval of the manner in which the Supreme .Judicial Court handled the ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1964) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §6.1. Covenants not to compete. In the 1961 ANNUAL SURVEY, attention was called to the large number of cases involving covenants not to compete.1 In that year most of the litigation pitted employer against employee.2 ...
  • [2015-08-27] Impact of the Uniform Commercial Code on Products Liability Law 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    A recent article warns that the adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code ". • • has altered many of the traditional notions of products liability, as it had been delineated under the Uniform Sales Act," 10 PRAC. LAW. 49 ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1965) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §6.1. General. The most important development of the decade in contract law has been the gradual acceptance of the Uniform Commercial Code. Now, as over forty states have adopted the Code, another significant task is being ...
  • [2015-08-25] An Introduction to Commercial Law 

    Hart, Frederick M.; William F., Willier
    These materials are designed as a short introductory text on Commercial Law. Difficult problems are intentionally avoided, as are references to cases and legal periodicals. The bibliography contains a selection of texts ...
  • [2015-06-29] The New Jersey Estoppel Statute in Subdivision Control Administration 

    Romero, Leo M.
    Subdivision control statutes allow a municipality to supervise the subdivision of land in the public interest. As part of the subdivision approval process, state enabling acts authorize municipalities to require the developer ...
  • [2015-06-29] The Federal Air Pollution Program 

    Romero, Leo M.
    An awareness of the awesome threat-both to our health and to our economy-posed by a polluted atmosphere has long been widespread. Only recently, however, has concern been translated into conduct on the part of those whose ...
  • [2015-08-25] The Disadvantaged Student and Preparation for Legal Education: The New York University Experience 

    Winograd, Peter; Graham, Hughes; Robert B., McKay
    The law school commitment to enroll more minority students is a decision which can have many and varied ramifications for the law school as an institution. Minority students will bring new perspectives, different needs a ...
  • [2015-09-02] Essential Attributes of Commercial Paper Part I 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    The elements necessary to make an instrument negotiable are totally a matter of form and are governed by the provisions of Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code. An instrument meeting the form requirements of the Code ...
  • [2015-08-25] Law School Admissions: A Different View 

    Winograd, Peter
    Contrary to the impression that may have been created by some recent articles, most law schools do not conduct their admissions procedure "by the numbers." Critics of law school admissions practices cite statistics that ...
  • [2008-12-08] Mandamus in New Mexico 

    Browde, Michael; Dumars, Charles
    It is the purpose of this article to give a broad overview of mandamus in New Mexico in a manner which will prove instructive to the prospective mandamus litigant. After outlining in some detail the legal basis for the ...
  • [2009-06-26] Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez 

    Unknown author
    This is the transcript for the Federal District Court trial for Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez, one of the most cited U.S. Supreme Court decisions and the significant case for affirming tribal sovereignty, sovereign immunity, ...
  • [2015-06-29] The Legal Education of Chicano Students: A Study in Mutual Accommodation and Cultural Conflict 

    Romero, Leo M.; Richard Delgado and Cruz Reynoso
    This Article focuses on students from one ethnic group-Chicanos or Mexican-Americans-and of the impact this group has had on schools of law. After a brief review of the development of special admissions programs, the Article ...
  • [2015-09-02] Dedication (of W. E. Bondurant, Jr.) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
  • [2015-09-02] Foreward (Special Issue, October 1975) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
  • [2008-12-09] Medical Malpractice Legislation in New Mexico 

    Kovnat, Ruth
  • [2008-12-09] Torts: Sovereign and Governmental Immunity in New Mexico 

    Kovnat, Ruth
    This article develops an understanding of New Mexico's position on governmental immunity and that of public employees or officials.
  • [2015-06-29] The Admissibility of Scientific Evidence Under the New Mexico and federal Rules of Evidence 

    Romero, Leo M.
    In State v. Dorsey the New Mexico Supreme Court held that the results of polygraph examinations are admissible in evidence if sufficient foundation has been laid to show that (1) the polygraph operator is an expert, (2) ...