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  • [2010-05-01] Challenges in Measuring Weight Gain in Pediatric Obesity Research 

    Faulkner, Martha J. "Molly" PhDc, FNP-BC, LISW; Tigges, Beth PhD, RN, PNP, BC
    Review the challenges in measuring weight gain in pediatric obesity research. • Examine challenges around defining & measuring weight gain. • Review author’s research with children & adolescents who gain weight while ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Concept Analysis of Obesity in Children 

    Montoya, Carolyn RN, MSN, CPNP; Lobo, Marie L. PhD, RN, FAA
    The current prevalence of childhood obesity in the US is 16% and projections for the year 2030 are that approximately 30% of children and adolescents will be obese.
  • [2009-08-21] Obesity Doesn't Make Breast Hot or Blue 

    Wallace, Anne Marie; Kaviratne, S.T. Anthony; Lee, Sang-Joon
    Background: Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping and biopsy have become the standard of care for axillary staging of a breast cancer patient. Higher rate of use has led to the identification of an absolute failure rate and a ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Sample of Rural and Global Health Issues 

    Bett, Carol; Cechanowicz, Barbara; Chapman, Demetrius; Hernandez, Stephen; Kriegor, Hannelore; Mayo, Melanie; Phoenix, Loyce; Rios, Conrad; Sellstrom, Teresa; Veltman, Max
    The challenges faced by local, national, and global communities in an ever-changing world have continued to grow as we complete the first decade of the 21st century. The doctoral students writing this book undertook the ...