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    Mandeville, Katherine
    Improving emergency medical service (EMS) reporting into large state held databases is becoming more critical as electronic databases are increasingly used. There is little information on methods improving the accuracy ...

    Peretti, Amanda
    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in women. Advanced breast cancer can metastasize to the lungs, liver, bones and brain becoming fatal conditions for many patients. There is a dire need for ...
  • [2016-04-22] The Scientific Conquest of New Mexico: Local Legacies of the Manhattan Project 1942-2015 

    Genay, Lucie Anne
    In the initial scoping phase of this research project, the main question I used for guidance was “to what extent and how did the Manhattan Project impact New Mexico and New Mexicans?” My first objective was to assess the ...
  • [2016-03-24] The Neural Representation of Concepts at the Sensor Level 

    Healy, Michael John; Caudell, Thoms Preston
    This report presents a mathematical model of the semantics, or meaning, of the connec- tionist structure and stimulus activity of a neural network, whether artificial or biologi- cal. The mathematical model associates ...
  • [2016-02-24] The Immigrant Experience in Albuquerque, 1880-1920 

    DeMark, Judith Boyce
    This study focuses on the experiences of the foreign-born residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico, from 1880 to 1920. Its primary aim is to determine how immigrants in one southwestern urban area fit into the history of ...
  • [2016-02-08] Roosevelt County Courthouse Square Improvements 

    Alford, Jeremy Scott
    The goal of this process was to provide as much knowledge and insight as possible to the city of Portales with the intention that they would use this knowledge and this booklet as a tool to write an RFP that would get them ...
  • [2016-02-08] Silver City, NM HMS Network 

    Flores, Leandro; Harberts, Mark; Deshler, Lawrence
  • [2016-02-08] Lovington DPAC Master Plan 

    Morris, Petra; Oliver, Julia; Dupont, Dominique Hinds; Dunn, Jessica; Guist, Kristina; Gustinella, Ron; Yushmanova, Yekaterina; Medrano, Jessica; Munns, Chance; Bollinger, Matthew; Cruz, Cesar; Frankis, Robert; Haught, Cristel; George, Sam
    D PACAC partners with New Mexico Main Street, a national nonprofit community organization that is administered in the State of New Mexico through the New Mexico Economic Development Department. Main Street’s goal is to ...
  • [2016-02-08] Design Principles for Downtown Revitalization: Las Cruces, New Mexico 

    Unknown author
    The buildings of and around downtown Las Cruces reflect the unique blend of cultures and activities found within the city. Or at least it did. Today, many of the Art-Deco theaters, the historic brick structures and ...
  • [2016-02-08] Hidalgo Medical Services - Silver City, New Mexico 

    Guardiola, Ramiro; Mounce, Michael; Munoz, Ubaldo
  • [2016-02-08] Deming Main Street Visioning Plan 

    Carnevale, Nicole; Fisher, Sarah Wentzel; Armand, James; Cowdrey, Dean; Fisher, Drew; Rovero, Laura N.; Sanchez, Jeremy; Vigil, Antonio; Adams, Cathleen; Cui, Ning; Erickson, Nan; Fettes, Anthony; Ryan, Maggie; Stevens, Elaine
    DPAC collaborates with New Mexico Main Street, a nonprofit organization administered through New Mexico Economic Development Program, and a local Main Street organization. The partnership assists communities with planning and ...
  • [2016-02-08] MainStreet Art & Cultural Theater Districts - Clovis & Tucumcari Communities 

    Gard, Kelly; Furrow, Janell; Treme, Cameron; Lusk, Dale; Baca, Laura; Miranda, Servando; Pereira, Trupti Stellus; Guerrero, Eliah; Osuna, Daniel; Maynard, Kevin; Depoy, Justin; Collins, Pete; George, Stacey
    During the spring of 2013 Design Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) of the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning worked with New Mexico MainStreet to assist Clovis and Tucumcari MainStreet ...
  • [2016-02-08] Bernalillo Housing Project - Fall 2002 

    Hearn, Brian; Robinson, Fred; Mackenzie-Chavez, Keegan; Harvold, Mark; Castro, Claudia; Hendrix, Jimmy; Maynard, Shelley; Pavlakovich, Alisa; Lucero, James; Ogle, Justin; Poncelow, Matthew
    With the objective of MainStreet and Bernalillo in mind we, the Design Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, were assigned to look at three specific ...
  • [2016-02-04] Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas 

    Marks (editor), Maxine

    Tunner, Alec
    The diurnal variation of water vapor isotopologues over the Chajnantor Plateau during the Austral Spring was investigated using a near continuous record of in situ water vapor isotopologues, numerical modeling, and routine ...
  • [2016-02-02] Controlling the structure and dynamics of magnetoresponsive particle suspensions for enhanced transport phenomena 

    Solis, Kyle J.
    The work contained herein describes the use of various magnetic fields to control the structure and dynamics of magnetic particle suspensions, with the practical aim of enhancing momentum, heat, and mass transport. The ...
  • [2016-02-02] Numerical modeling of nonlinear mode interaction in semiconductor lasers and amplifiers to generate slow/fast light 

    Kalagara, Hemashilpa
    The nonlinear interaction (NLI) between modes in a semiconductor laser or amplifier is one of the techniques to obtain slow light (ng >> 1), fast light (-1 < ng < 1), phase conjugated reflection (also known as backward ...
  • [2016-02-02] Synthesis and characterization of lanthanide fluorides for forensic neutron detection 

    Lanthanide fluorides have many uses, and there is a need for high quality nanocrystals to fill this need. Here, the synthesis and characterization of high quality lanthanide fluorides is presented. In particular, this ...
  • [2016-02-02] Simulation of strongly injection-locked semiconductor ring lasers 

    Chu, Fei-Hung
    To overcome the limited modulation bandwidth of directly modulated semiconductors, a novel scheme for modulation bandwidth enhancement and tailoring is presented. This scheme involves a single-frequency master laser ...
  • [2016-02-02] Modeling Steric Effects in Antibody Aggregation Using Rule-Based Methods 

    Hoard, Brittany
    The allergic response is produced by the release of immune mediators by mast cells and basophils. This process, in turn, is initiated by the aggregation of antigens and IgE-FcεRI antibody-receptor complexes. Computational ...

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