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Sustainable Water Development for the Village of Miramar, Honduras


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Sustainable Water Development for the Village of Miramar, Honduras

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Title: Sustainable Water Development for the Village of Miramar, Honduras
Author: Bentley, Jessica; Bruerd, Barak; Chora, Rosemarie; Gabora, Michael; Joshi, Uday; Kolk, Stephen; Riebsomer, Eric; Shean, Frederic; Sweetman, Andrew; Van Eeckhout, Mark; Weber, Sherry; Campana, Michael E.; Minnis, Michele
Subject: Sustainable water development
Sustainable land use practices
Water delivery project
Abstract: This report describes the 12-day trip to Miramar, Honduras, by students in the University of New Mexico’s Water Resources Program, during the summer semester of 2001. The trip began on June 14 and ended on June 26. The WR 573 class spent 12 days in Honduras examining rural water issues and assisting in the construction of a gravity-flow system to provide potable water to a local village (Miramar). Our involvement was to aid in the physical construction of the system, as well as examine and critique the construct of the system itself. This paper represents a summary of our experience in Honduras, our examination and assessment of the water problems in Miramar, including both a watershed sustainability assessment and an assessment of their proposed water delivery system.
Date: 2010-04-29
Series: Publication (University of New Mexico. Water Resources Program) ; no. WRP-5
Description: This trip was in fulfillment of WR 573, a capstone class that is tailored to fuse all of the other classes in the program into a comprehensive, practical field experience.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/10483

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