The University of New Mexico offers a variety of Medieval Studies programs dedicated to university and civic outreach, as well as to the enrichment of scholarship, teaching, and research in the civilizations of medieval Europe and its neighbors from 500-1500. Through undergraduate and graduate degree programs, special student opportunities, and advanced research activities, UNM's Medieval Studies programs are committed to furthering the transmission and preservation of our rich heritage from the Middle Ages. Our programs operate under the philosophy that the study of medieval culture provides a powerful vantage point from which to evaluate our own and other cultures and to reflect on the complexity of human behavior and institutions.

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  • [2006-09-14] The Modern Devout and `Private' Religion 

    Van Engen, John H.
    The influential and innovative religious movement known as the Devotio Moderna or "Modern Devotion" first emerged in the Netherlands during the second half of the fourteenth century. It revitalized religious life in much ...
  • [2006-09-14] `Behold I Make All Things New': Design and Experience in Thirteenth-Century French Architecture 

    Davis, Michael T.
    The soaring architecture of the great Gothic cathedrals represents one of the outstanding technical and cultural achievements of Western civilization. The major breakthroughs in building methods that made this architecture ...
  • [2006-09-14] The Twelfth-Century Origins of the University 

    Jaeger, C. Stephen
    No institution called a "university" existed in Western education before the late twelfth century. What then were the forces that encouraged the foundation of the earliest universities and their organization into a system ...
  • [2006-09-14] Medieval Stained Glass: Text and Context 

    Raguin, Virginia Chieffo
    The development of a method for creating stained glass windows was one of the outstanding technical innovations of the Middle Ages. In his great craftsman's treatise The Various Arts, the twelfth-century monk Theophilus ...
  • [2006-09-14] The Lindisfarne Gospels: The Transforming Power of Sacred Text 

    Brown, Michelle P.
    Of all forms of human knowledge, sacred texts may seem to be the least open to change over time. However, their enduring role in society can make them a particularly effective mirror for the evolving beliefs of an ever-changing ...
  • [2006-09-14] Tradition, Innovation, and the Illuminated Manuscript in the Middle Ages 

    Brown, Michelle P.
    "Innovation" was a quality often viewed with suspicion during the Middle Ages-it could even lead to excommunication-yet medieval craftsmen could be remarkably innovative in their work, creating fresh forms and transforming ...

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