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  • [2015-01-21] Hernandez's New Mexico 1993 Catalog 

    Hernandez, David
  • [2015-01-21] Herrera's New Mexico 1992 Catalog 

    Herrera, Manny
  • [2009-07-21] Heterogeneity effects on flow and transport within a shallow fluvial aquifer 

    Engdahl, Nicholas
    The effects of aquifer heterogeneity on flow and transport are considered numerically at two scales using high resolution groundwater models. Heterogeneity effects on river loss were evaluated at the kilometer scale using ...
  • [2014-07-12] A Heterogeneous Hybrid System Formulation for Simulating Robotic Pursuit Evasion Games 

    Michael, Anderson
    This thesis details both a set of simulation and visualization tools and a hybrid system formulation for heterogeneous multi-agent robotic pursuit evasion games, tailored for use on the Multi-Agent Robotic Hybrid and ...
  • [2012-07-03] Heterostructure engineering of quantum dots-in-a-well infrared photodetectors 

    Barve, Ajit
    Three of the most important characteristics of third-generation imaging systems are high operating temperature, multispectral operation, and large format arrays. The quantum dot infrared photodetector technology, owing ...
  • [2011-02-07] Heureux 

    Stringer, Alan
  • [2014-07-12] “Hey, y’guys!”: A diachronic usage-based approach to changes in American English address 

    Sienicki, Ben
    This dissertation adopts a functional, usage-based perspective on language to highlight key changes in American English address over the past century, especially the development of 'you guys' and its expansion across ...
  • [2007-09-09] Hierarchical aggregation and intelligent monitoring and control in fault-tolerant wireless sensor networks 

    Sridhar, Prasanna
    The primary idea behind deploying sensor networks is to utilize the distributed sensing capability provided by tiny, low powered and low cost devices. Multiple sensing devices can be used cooperatively and collaboratively ...
  • [2009-01-29] A hierarchical group model for programming sensor networks 

    Horey, James
    A hierarchical group model that decouples computation from hardware can characterize and aid in the construction of sensor network software with minimal overhead. Future sensor network applications will move beyond static, ...
  • [2013-01-31] High dynamic range video merging, tone mapping, and real-time implementation 

    Kiser, Willie
    Although High Dynamic Range (High Dynamic Range (HDR)) imaging has been the subject of significant research over the past fifteen years, the goal of cinemaquality HDR video has not yet been achieved. This work references ...

    Leach, Christopher
    High-power microwave research strives for compact and highly efficient vacuum diode-driven sources. MAGIC particle-in-cell (PIC) computer simulations have shown that the performance of the well-known A6 relativistic magnetron ...
  • [2010-02-09] High electric field deuterium ion sources for neutron generators 

    Reichenbach, Birk
    Active interrogation systems for highly enriched uranium require improved fieldable neutron sources. The target technology for deuterium-tritium neutron generators is well understood and the most significant improvement ...
  • [2012-04-27] High energy Pb+Pb collisions viewed by pion interferometry 

    Fields, Douglas E.; Bearden, I. G.; Boggild, H.; Boissevain, J.; Dodd, J.; Erazmus, B.; Esumi, S.; Fabjan, C. W.; Ferenc, D.; Franz, A.; Gaardhoje, J.; Hamelin, M.; Hansen, A. G.; Hansen, O.; Hardtke, D.; Van Hecke, H.; Holzer, E. B.; Humanic, T. J.; Hummel, P.; Jacak, B. V.; Jayanti, R.; Kaimi, K.; Kaneta, M.; Kohama, T.; Kopytine, M.; Leltchouk, M.; Ljubicic, A. Jr.; Lorstad, B.; Maeda, N.; Malina, R.; Medvedev, A.; Murray, M.; Ohnishi, H.; Paic, G.; Pandey, S. U.; Piuz, F.; Pluta, J.; Polychronakos, V.; Potekhin, M.; Poulard, G.; Reichhold, D.; Sakaguchi, A.; Simon-Gillo, J.; Schmidt-Sorensen, J.; Sondheim, W.; Spegel, M.; Sugitate, T.; Sullivan, J. P.; Sumi, Y.; Willis, W. J.; Wolf, K. L.; Xu, N.; Zachary, D. S.
    Two-pion correlations from Pb1Pb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon are measured by the NA44 experiment at CERN. Multidimensional fits characterize the emission volume, which is found to be larger than in S-induced ...
  • [2006-03-10] High Performance Computing Applications in Remote Sensing Studies for Land Cover Dynamics 

    Kalluri, S.; JáJá, J.; Bader, D.A.; Zhang, Z.; Townshend, J.; Fallah-Adl, H.
    Global and regional land cover studies require the ability to apply complex models on selected subsets of large amounts of multi-sensor and multi-temporal data sets that have been derived from raw instrument measurements using ...
  • [2009-08-27] High performance damper optimization using computer simulation and design of experiments 

    Castrounis, Alex
    Design of experiments has become an increasingly popular tool used by racing teams in professional motorsports. A race car has literally hundreds of adjustable parameters associated with it. Specialized racing engineers ...
  • [2011-11-29] High Places 

    Mauldin, Michael
    Written for the Albuquerque Youth Symphony in 1981, HIGH PLACES was inspired by a hike up La Luz Trail (on Sandia Mountain) several years earlier. With my infant son, Kendall, in a front pack, I descended and was struck ...
  • [2015-01-28] A High Power Microwave Zoom Antenna With Metal Plate Lenses 

    Lawrance, Julie
    A high power microwave antenna with true zoom capability was designed and constructed with the use of metal plate lenses. Proof of concept was achieved through experiment as well as simulation. This concept comprises a ...
  • [2014-07-12] High power pulse UV source development and its applications 

    Xu, Xiaozhen
    Laser filament provides scientists a powerful tool to promote and guide lightning discharge. An ultraviolet (UV) laser provides unique advantages due to a low threshold of filament formation as well as long propagation ...
  • [2010-06-25] High quality factor silicon nitride ring resonators for biological sensing 

    Wright, Jeremy
    Recent improvements in silicon photonics have led to high quality factor planar resonant cavities that are well suited for a variety of applications where high sensitivity to a physical parameter (i.e. temperature, ...
  • [2011-07-02] High redshift QSOs and cool dwarfs in the Deep Lens Survey 

    Thorman, Paul
    The Deep Lens Survey, a 20 deg2 optical survey, was used to search for two types of rare, very red objects: faint high-redshift (z > 5.4) quasars, which trace structure formation in the early Universe and can be used to ...