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    Community Ditch Association [1]
    community ditches (acequias) [1]
    community dynamics [4]
    community ecology [1]
    Community Economic Development Planning [1]
    Community Empowerment [1]
    community empowerment [1]
    Community Forest Restoration Act [1]
    community forestry, deforestration, Siwaliks [1]
    Community Funds [1]
    community garden [1]
    Community gardens -- New Mexico -- Albuquerque [1]
    Community Health [5]
    community health [4]
    Community Health Centers; Counseling; Referral and Consultation; Rehabilitation, Vocational; Community Health Nursing; Critical Care/manpower/organization & administration/standards; Emergency Medical Service Communication Systems/organization & administration; Equipment and Supplies/standards; Organizational Objectives; Personnel Staffing and Scheduling/organization & administration; Program Development; Quality Assurance, Health Care/organization & administration; Referral and Consultation; Rural Health; Transportation of Patients/manpower/organization & administration/standards. [1]
    Community Health Planning [7]
    Community Health Planning; Community Health Services; Community Mental Health Centers; Delivery of Health Care, Integrated; Developmental Disabilities; Disabled Children; Disability Evaluation; Disabled Persons; Evaluation Studies; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation; Health Services, Accessibility; Health Services Needs and Demand; Mentally Disabled Persons; Needs Assessment; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Program Evaluation [1]
    Community Health Planning; Community Health Services; Delivery of Health Services/Legislation and Jurisprudence; Health Services Needs and Demand; Health Policy; Health Resources; Health Services Administration; Urban Health; Urban Population [1]
    Community Health Planning; Consensus Development Conferences/Publication Type; Decision Support Systems, Management; Health Planning; Delivery of Health Care, Integrated; Managed Care Programs; Program Development; Public Health; Regional Health Planning; Urban Health. [1]