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    Climatic changes--Economic aspects--United States [1]
    Climatic changes--Environmental aspects--New Mexico. [1]
    Climatic changes--Environmental aspects--Southwest, New. [1]
    Climatic changes--Environmental aspects. [2]
    Climatic changes--Forecasting--Rio Grande Watershed. [1]
    Climatic changes--Government policy--United States [1]
    Climatic changes--Social aspects--Peru--History [1]
    Climatic changes--Yellowstone National Park. [1]
    Climatic geomorphology--Great Plains. [1]
    climatology [2]
    Climatology -- Social aspects -- Latin America [1]
    Climatology--Statistical methods. [1]
    Clinical and Translational Sciences Center [1]
    clinical decision making [2]
    Clinical Laboratory Information Systems; Cost-Benefit Analysis; Evaluation Studies; Laboratory Techniques and Procedures; Technology, Medical Laboratory. [1]
    Clinical Legal Education [1]
    Clinical Medicine [1]
    Clinical neuropsychology. [1]
    Clinical Protocols; Community Health Aides/supply & distribution; Community Health Services/supply & distribution; Comparative Study; Cross-Sectional Studies; Data Collection/statistics & numerical data; Health Care Research; Health Services Accessibility/statistics & numerical data; Information Systems; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Prospective Studies; Research; Research Design; United States Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. [1]
    Clinical Protocols; Community Health Services; Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation; Hypertension; Guideline Adherence; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Patient Care; Patient Education; Program Evaluation; Urinary Tract Infections. [1]